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Dozens and dozens of very important and influential comic book creators began expressing displeasure with the omission of naming Wally Wood as a credit for his contributions to the success of Marvel and Netflix’s new Daredevil show. When you consider how influential certain creators have been for the characters they’ve influenced, I might only be able to come up with less than 5 names who have been more instrumental to characters they’ve influenced. Stan Lee is an obvious choice, creating so many ideas and stories leading to just about every important Marvel character that exists. Perhaps Jack Kirby is more important, but when you break it down to individual characters, Jack Kirby’s influence on any 1 character is likely matched to the same gusto at Wally Wood’s influence on Daredevil.

Consider for a moment just how influential this man was for the character of Daredevil, but first start with everything you enjoy most about Daredevil… chances are everything you can name off, is credited to Wally Wood. Believe it or not, I really do like the yellow costume. Perhaps it’s the throwback nature of it, I am a fool for nostalgia, but really though, red was the winner. The costume design we know and love today, we owe to Wally Wood. Similar to how we can see the “Spidey sense” in Spider-Man pages, Wally Wood gave Daredevil his super-human radar sense which was a visible thing on comic pages. Wally Wood didn’t just have visual ideas either, he is often given the credit of writing numerous Daredevil issues, only credited with #10.

Daredevil #7 First Appearance of the Red Costume
Daredevil #7 First Appearance of the Red Costume

One thing a fan has to love Stan Lee for is his constant reminding of fans that there were so many other creators involved who go without credits. It’s hard to believe that Stan “The Man” Lee was the sole creator of many or most of his work, and yet his name remains as a solo credit on many of his works. I think there’s a case to be made, is being made, that Wally Wood was far more influential than is being given credit for.

I’m sure whatever the problem was, it wasn’t an accident Marvel didn’t include him. That much is hard to believe. But I do think they’ll seen fix their egregious error and add Wally Wood’s name to the credits of his work. We might not see it in the first release of “Daredevil” season one on DVD, but at some point we’re sure to see his name. I am sure too, that he’ll receive an apology from the studio both real, and figuratively in a more unique Easter egg in Daredevil’s second season on Netflix.

Check out Rich Johnston’s article here at BleedingCool. There you’ll find a more thoughtfully written article, which includes many of the things these other influential comic book creators have to say about Wally Wood’s omission!

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