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Oh no. Marvel is at it again, changing up popular characters. While we are supposed to get a Marvel Comics reboot after Secret Wars ends, it looks like we are getting a female Nova beforehand. Hopefully she’s gone after Secret Wars, but I am really bummed out about this choice. My favorite Nova has become Sam Alexander of late. While I was a collector of the original Richard Rider I was quick to taking to the young kid in Sam Alexander.

I wasn’t crazy about Ms Marvel becoming Captain Marvel either, but I always preferred Ms Marvel over Captain Marvel anyways, so seeing Carol Danvers take over didn’t bother me that much. I am excited now too that Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel because we will be getting her much quicker on the big screen!

I don’t know anything about the new Nova, so it’s possible I’ll take to her just like I did Sam Alexander, but I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting any new issues with either Richard Rider or Sam Alexander. I’d like to see kind of a Marvel’s version of the Green Lantern corps, and adding Nova characters rather than replacing.

The series to sport the new female Nova is coming in Infinity Gauntlet #2, hitting the shelves on June 17th. If you dig, keep an eye out for the W. Scott Forbes’ variant cover! I’ll be checking it out when it comes out and see just who this girl is!

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Infinity Gauntlet #2
Infinity Gauntlet #2

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