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Okay, so first off, this is my first article written on here, so I'm sorry if this is a bit rusty. Plz don't hurt me. Now, so, with the wrap up of all our favorite, nerdy comic shows, one thing that has stood out this year are the great villains that this year has pumped out. Some are complex, multi-dimensional villains, some are master manipulators, some are a great physical threat and some are just so fun and entertaining to watch. There have been so many villains this season, more so with the amount of comic book shows on the air (8. However, if you include non-superhero comics such as iZombie and Walking Dead, at least 10). So, let's take a look back on all those awesome villains.

Note: I did my best to avoid any major spoilers, but still, tread carefully if you're not caught up as some stuff were mentioned

Honorable Mentions

  • "Big Bad" Wolfe - Powers: Season One
  • Johnny Royalle - Powers: Season One (I never finished Powers, so hence why they not on full list)
  • James Wesley - Daredevil
  • Leland Owlsley - Daredevil
  • Daniel Whitehall - Agents of Shield
  • All of those Batman future references.... - Gotham

15 - Papa Midnite (Constantine)

First on the list is Papa Midnite, a recurring foe in the freshman (and possibly only, sadly) season of Constantine. An immortal voodoo priest who is a rival for the titular anti-hero, Papa Midnite proved himself to be a thorn in Constantine's side throughout the first season, and while they briefly made an alliance, Midnite is shown to be a deadly man who is not to be trusted.

14 - Dottie Underwood (Agent Carter)

Agent Carter's freshman season focused more on Peggy and her friends than antagonists, but Dottie proved to be a very interesting foe to Peggy. A complete foil to Peggy, Dottie is the product of the Red Room, the same program that made Black Widow. Being able to blend from deadly assassin to sweet innocent girl in a matter of seconds, Dottie is sure to be a further thorn to Peggy in future seasons, and I sure do wanna see more Dottie vs Peggy scenes.

13 - Maseo Yarashimo/Sarab (Arrow)

Arrow season 3 had some misfires, but throughout the season, Maseo proved to be one of the most interesting characters. A mentor and close friend to Oliver in flashbacks, it was only after a tragedy that he found his way to the League of Assassins, where all of his former self was gone. Throughout the season Maseo struggled with the identity of his former self and Sarab (his reborn League identity), especially as he began confronting Oliver and his wife Tatsu, but ultimately, he chose Sarab. He proved to be a very interesting villain with a tragic arc throughout the third season. In fact, I wouldn't mind if he was more of a focus of the season.

12 - Gorilla Grodd (The Flash)

Throughout the first season of The Flash, viewers were teased with hints of a telepathic, talking, giant gorilla. Halfway through the first season, Grodd made his debut when he ever so amazingly beat the crap out of General Elling, and boy, was it glorious. Even more glorious was episode 21 "Grodd Lives" when Barry fought this beast. CW budget affects kept Grodd from being on to screen to long, and from being out of the shadows mostly, but the fact that we saw Barry fought Grodd on tv is enough for me. Hopefully we will be able to see Grodd step up as a major antagonist in following seasons. Also, this quote, "Not God. Grodd", is still amazing.

11 - James Jesse aka "The Trickster" (The Flash)

So, when you have a villain appearing on the show who was on the previous 90's show, what do you do? Well, if the actor was Mark Hamill, then you better get Mark Hamill. And they did! Mark Hamill was excellent in The Flash's 17th episode, "Tricksters", and every scene with him was pure amazing. He even got a scene with former flash, John Wesley Shipp! I don't know what else I could have asked for. He is the only one episode villain on here (well, Grodd sorta was one episode, but cameo in others so..) but I don't even care. Mark Hamill and James Jesse deserve it.

10 - Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

John Barrowman is one of the best, if not the best, actor on Arrow. So, when he was announced as a series regular for season 3, I was hype. More Barrowman the better. Now, Merlyn played the role of an anti-hero throughout the season as he was the occasional ally against Ra's with the team, but in reality, he was the secret main antagonist of the season. It was through his planning that the dominoes began to fall into place for him to take over the League. By the time the season ends Merlyn has made an agreement for Oliver to leave him alone, got Thea to semi still like him, Ra's Al Ghul and his bounty dead, and control of the League. Hopefully we see Merlyn return to villain form soon and have another epic Oliver vs Merlyn fight, or a Thea vs Merlyn, or even Oliver/Thea vs Merlyn.

9 - Jiaying (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

The leader of a secret group of Inhumans, Jiaying was the secret antagonist throughout the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. First appearing as Skye's deceased mother, she was then revealed to be alive and is sweet, calm, and a great mommy to Skye, who wants nothing but to keep her people safe. However, as we see in the season finale, she is devoid of emotion and is pretty much a cold hearted monster, who was willing to destroy Shield to keep her group alive. Further inspection show that she was pretty much responsible for the whole season: She set Cal to go collect their daughter, which led to Cal teaming up with Hydra, with Hydra getting ahold of the Divener, which led to them going to the secret city, which led to Skye being inhuman and Tripp death, which led to Other Shield thinking Coulson is bad leader, and so on. Plus, she is Dichen Lachman, so more awesome points.

8 - Danny "Brick" Brickwell (Arrow)

When you bring Vinnie Jones on as a villain, you better have him be a complete bad***, and he sure was. Appearing as the first villain to get a trilogy of episodes around him (minus main season villains like Slade, etc), Brick sure made an impression. A charismatic, strong, and scary mobster who wished to take over the Glades, Brick was a complete threat to Oliver, which is made even worse for Team Arrow, as Oliver is gone. Roy, Laurel and Diggle stood no chance against this man, and even when his plan succeeded, they refused to back down, leading to the epic street brawl. Lucky for us Brick is still out there, so here's hoping he will be back in future seasons.

7 - Leonard Snart aka "Captain Cold" (The Flash)

The Flash once again gave another great antagonist in the form of Captain Cold, who was played excellently by Wentworth Miller. Miller sure loved playing this villain and he delivered every line with such a glorious attitude, and he was very entertaining as Barry's recurring foe throughout the freshman show. A cold, dark hearted, smart man, Cold is one of Barry's top enemies, and with the knowledge of his secret identity and the team he is building up, he is without a doubt one of Barry's top enemies, and without a doubt, a villain that will never go away, as Cold loves trying to beat the Flash way to much. It also goes to show that not every person has to be a meta-human to fight Barry.

6 - Oswald Cobblepot aka "Penguin" (Gotham)

If I am being honest here, I love to hate Gotham. It's freshman season suffered from many problems, but only one thing has actually kept me entertained in a good way: Oswald Cobblepot. A scrawny, weak, shy person, Oswald has no chance of leading the Gotham mob. Well, you better think again. Manipulation is his game, and Oswald always has an excuse up his sleeve to keep going, and if he has to, the coward that is Cobblepot sure knows how to beg and squirm for his life, showing that all great villains don't need to be all tough and without fear. Due to his non-threatening demeanor, Cobblepot was able to play all the forces of Gotham against each other, and by the end, he was the only one left standing. Now that he is the man in charge of the underworld, I can't wait to see more of him next season. In fact, he is the only thing I care about for next season.

5 - Ra's Al Ghul (Arrow)

Many were upset that Liam Neeson couldn't portray Ra's in the series, but boy, I'm sort of glad he didn't. Matthew Nable was excellent in the role and he brought a roughed up charm to the character, to the point where I pretty much sided with him on everything. Both charming and tough, Ra's was such a great threat to Oliver, with their first battle showing this well. Ra's was way beyond Oliver's league, and there was no way Oliver could declare war on him and the League, which led to some interesting back and forth games. Again, I don't think most of his material could have worked if it wasn't for Matthew Nable, who was very well in this role. I wish we saw more of Ra's throughout the season, but I am pleased with how it turned out.I understand many people may not put him this high, and maybe I did because I love Ra's Al Ghul in almost every media, but yeah Imma keep him there.

4 - Grant Ward (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Originally a boring, boy scout in season one, Ward has since turned into one of the most interesting characters, with Brett Dalton absolutely loving evil Ward and chewing all his scenes with such excellence. Throughout the second season of Agents of Shield, Ward was a giant, red wild-card. Originally a prisoner to Shield, his escape led to him being a mad-man, and it was awesome. Throughout the season he was an on-again, off-again ally, but one thing that was clear is that Ward is crazy and not to be trusted. Considering where Ward is at by the season's end, I am hopeful that he will have a bigger presence next year and be one of the worst threats Shield has ever had to face. With all that said, I am so glad the writers chose not to give him a redemption arc, as many others would have. Evil Ward is fun Ward.

3 - Calvin Zabo (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Oh my God. Without any doubt, Calvin was one of the best things about the sophomore season of Agents of Shield. Kyle MacLahlan was pure gold in this role, with all of his scenes being, once again, pure gold. A sympathetic, insane and scary figure, Zabo was a great threat to our characters, while also being a loving father to Skye. His arc throughout the season was touching, as was his growing relationship with Skye. Many of his scenes in the season finale were extremely touching and made me almost shed a tear, such as his final scenes with Skye. I gotta admit, I was very reluctant to put him on this list, because I didn't even consider him a villain. Okay, maybe I just love him to much, but whatever. Going into the third season, Zabo will be the character I miss the most, as well as the amazing actor that was Kyle MacLahlan.

2 - Wilson Fisk aka "The Kingpin" (Daredevil)

Let's face it, you knew that either Fisk or the #1 choice would be the top 2. Focusing on Fisk, his whole character was completely reinvented on the hit Netflix series Daredevil. Vincent D'Onofrio was Emmy worthy in his role of the infamous Kingpin, and instead of his arc be focused on taking down Daredevil, he was a much more human character. Can you name a villain who had a love story? No, not one whose deceased lover was apart of his origin and drove his actions, but seeing a Romeo-Juliet love story while also being a villain? Of all the characters on this list, Fisk was easily the most sympathetic and human, and lets face it, he was better than almost every MCU movie villain. He gives Loki a run for his money! Wilson's character arc, motivations, excellent performance, and his human portrayal earned him the second place spot, ad honestly, I had a harm time picking between who should be #1 between Wilson and who the first is (you should know who by this point :P), but in the end I gave it to the other. If you disagree with me and put Fisk at #1 I will not argue with you, because it is a hard choice.

Now, the #1 choice.....

1 - Eobard Thawne aka "The Reverse-Flash" (The Flash)

The Flash had an excellent first season and this is no doubt thanks to Tom Cavanagh! Every scene of his throughout the long 23 episode season was amazing, as the acting of Cavanagh was just great. Everytime he spoke you knew he was bad, but yet his words were so inspirational that you couldn't help but forgot he was the bad guy. Tom Cavanagh was definitely the MVP of the season, but acting aside, Eobard was an interesting character. Throughout the season it was a slow burn, as he was under the name "Harrison Wells" and we were stuck putting the pieces together. The moment he revealed himself to be Eobard Thawne (in one of his greatest acting moments) was just total fangasim. Now, he could have been written as a simple villain since then, but he became complex. He honestly thought of Cisco as his own son and loved him, but yet, he didn't hesitate or regret killing him. I'm sure he thought the same of Snow too. Even Barry, the man he hated so much, he began to love. He loved these people, but yet, he didn't and hated them. It was very complex, and no thanks to, once again, Cavanagh's performance. I don't even know what season 2 will be like without Eobard. The show may be about the Flash, but the best character and MVP was his sworn enemy.

Anyways, that's my list! I was going to go more in depth into why I picked people, but I wanted to keep this short. I hope you guys enjoyed my list, and if you have your own list, comment down below! Also, remember this is my first article, so sorry if anything is wrong with it. Anyways have a good day everyone.


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