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I have not read the Green Arrow comics. My boyfriend was the one who wanted to watch the show when it first premiered, so I don't have a previous history or bias to anything related to these characters prior to the development I've seen within the show. I was very surprised to find myself interested in the pilot. While the Olicity story running in the background later (much later) strengthened my commitment to Oliver and Felicity's progression from friends into something more, it doesn't define why I'm a fan of the show or why I'm invested in the show. I agree Felicity brings a light to Oliver in a way that few others around him are able to, but she is definitely a solitary constant in the way she's able to holster that light for him, even when he was in a period of inward heartbreak during Season 3. Not only is she that light, but she's the strength and voice he finds at many times, which pushes him when he is at a loss or feeling defeated. Felicity does not need any experience or expertise in vigilante training/fighting to be integrated within her resume so that she can be considered a perfect match for Oliver. Would anyone really believe that our profession/hobbies would need to mirror that of our partner's in order to have a chance that our relationships will work? That feels so limiting and mildly insulting. All Felicity needs, she has: an unwavering loyalty in him, which provides her the confidence to reignite the determination and focus he sometimes loses sight of; she is an incredibly intelligent woman who has grown and found a balance between loving Oliver, but not blindly accepting actions he engages in that she does not agree with, making her a compass he needs at times; she also, despite the love she felt for him, was strong enough to respect herself enough to know she could not sideline her life for a man who would sideline her, even if that man was Oliver Queen. I do realize Oliver was trying to do the noble thing and retract himself from a relationship with Felicity because he believed his focus on a romantic level with her caused him to neglect some keen sense that would have prevented the bombing of that restaurant - which I also found very interesting because I can't recall a previous relationship where he was so enamored with anyone, including Laurel, that his vigilante/alter ego/Arrow hindsight had been so negatively affected because of the immense amount of focus he was lovingly emitting onto someone else. (I think he wasn't used to being as happy and giddy as he was at the prospect of what was to come with Felicity, and that blurred the peripheral vision he usually encompassed as the Arrow. There was an understandable overreaction to that realization for him, which caused him to prematurely end things with Felicity.) That doesn't change the fact regarding why Felicity felt the need to try to move on after that. (I also adored and respected her even more, because despite the fact that she believed Oliver was not at the end of her tunnel, she did not abandon him and continued to help him with his crusade, even after she believed he was dead.)

Just because Felicity knew she would always be in love with Oliver did not make her a bad person for engaging in a relationship with Ray, because she had no indication that Oliver would ever recant and change his mind about them. What else was she supposed to do? Just go to work, go home, maybe invest in a cat, and wait for feelings that grew over the course of years to fade, all while working on daily basis with the man those feelings were for? I believe she genuinely cared for Ray and had genuine intentions to move on with him, and the events and aftermath of Oliver "dying" and "coming back to life" realigned a lot of the things she thought she could move on from.

Felicity is also a LARGE part of the reason why he began to help the city beyond his father's book of names and she is the sole reason why he returned to this task after Tommy's death, encouraging him that the death of the people he hinders was not the only option. She is a large part, much more than Laurel, in what is paving the way and developing the character into who he is becoming.

Sara also had a history with Oliver and shared the experience and fighting with him that Laurel will now share, and even more so than Laurel, knew the terrors behind his survival on the island. Does that mean since Sara is coming back to life (in Legends of Tomorrow) that makes her more meant to be for Oliver than Felicity or Laurel? Does that mean we need an extra section in my and your column dedicated to Sarliver? (Did they ever even have a moniker? Lol) I personally don't think so. So then why would using that same logic make Laurel a better fit than Felicity?

I don't think the show needs to follow the comic books to please fans. There are so many variations and parellels of super heros in comic books, so why can't there be in a television show, as well? I read online that in the original Green Arrow storyline, Oliver's parents were killed in front of him by a lion or a tiger in the jungle somewhere. I like the show's dissemination of their deaths better. Also, when I researched, not even in the comic books do Laurel and Oliver stay together, so I don't understand the need for the show to mirror the comic books, even if you're a Lauriver fan.

I don't believe Oliver and Felicity are going to live happily ever after, YET, but I believe they are the endgame. I don't have anything against Laurel's character, but she is usually too shortsighted and too involved in her own self importance to be beneficial to Oliver romantically, maybe even as a crime fighting partner. This isn't saying Laurel is a bad character -from the beginning she has made it her mission to help get justice and protection for people who needed it, despite the danger it put her in, and that's admirable, but when she gets focused on these missions, her safety not being a primary concern (or a concern at all), I think this makes her as much a liability as was described Felicity is for Oliver.

Felicity is the break Oliver needs from the darker part of his world where he's fighting criminals. Even when they were in the foundry working on the technicalities of how to catch the current bad guy of the moment, Felicity's character still brought light into Oliver's day. I think it would be harder for him (and Laurel) to separate those darker things if they were together.

I hope the show allows Oliver and Felicity a relationship when the season commences so that we get to see them happy as a couple before they inevitably explode everything to smithereens. While Felicity's interest in Oliver in the beginning was purely based on attraction, her admiration and respect for Oliver graduated those feelings into a genuine, solid and fierce love for him. Oliver has had so much devastation in his life, and I want him to get to be happy: genuinely happy, and I believe that is more feasible with Felicity - not just now, but forever.


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