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So I thought I would make my own suicide squad, this is gonna be mostly words, with a little bit of pictures. Let's get started.(this is my first article)

1: Sub zero (mortal kombat series)

He has the power to freeze, and is a ninja. Stealth and ice is a beast combo. Did I mention he killed 2 of the most high ranking white lotus members, and wasn't caught until 2 weeks after, and escaped clean. Also whit lotus leader is Raiden, a god

2: Ultron (avengers, age of ultron)

He evovles, he is made of vibranium, and was made by Bruce banner and Tony stark. Not much more to say.

3: Alduin (Skyrim)

He's a friggin dragon

4: Brolli (Dragon Ball Z)

He can go super saiyian god, and almost killed Goku.

5: Ras Al Ghul (Batman)

He is a great swordsman, and is immortal

6: Agent Smith


7: Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee)

I need to stop writing about Chuck Norris be&! £×*#,#*#¥×*($₩+?=,"£×¥

8:Kahn (Star Trek)

Been alive a few millennium, super smart, alien.

9: Predator (predator movies)

It is a super intelligent alien who has thermal, spear, claw, cloak, etc.

10: Megatron (transformers)

He is a car and a robot

11: Witchking Angara (lord of the rings)

He is a witch in armor, and the king

12: Shredder(TMNT)

Sweet set of armor, and a ninja

13: Stansfield(Leon the professional)

He is the law

14: Master Hand(Super smash bros)

A huge white hand, so gangsta.

15: Majora(Legend of Zelda)

It just wants to kill you.

16: The Joker(Batman)

"Why so serious"

17: Spawn(Spawn)

Powers, and guns

18: The Flu

What better Villain than a disease.

I know this is super awesome and overpowered for your life, but imagine them against all the marvel and DC superheroes. And a final standoff, Superman vs Majora. Just think, well thanks, and make your own post. P.S.-there are no pictures, I lied


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