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Hey guys this is my first post. But, I'll just cut to the chase. So we are all (hopefully everyone at least) excited for Captain America: Civil War coming out next year. With all of the set photos and videos released me and most likely a lot of other people are trying to piece together what is occurring on set. By now you have probably heard of the funeral scene and it is led to believe that the funeral is for SSR agent Peggy Carter. But one thing sparked my theory. If she was still on set and taking photos, do you think marvel would allow it? I mean if she was finished they wouldn't really permit her to leak future spoilers for the highly anticipated movie? I haven't really thought of what her role could be but with Dr Strange coming around he's bound to have resurrection spells. I realize that I don't really have any evidence to further discuss her role and it is true I don't. But with Baron Zemo coming we are bound to see some WW2 flashbacks therefore meaning she could still have a minor role in the movie other than the funeral. This is my first article and I haven't put much thought into this particular theory. I have other theories but I want to see if I should start trying in these. So if it's not to much trouble, please comment about whether or not you believe that this is not the end for Peggy Carter. If I get more alive then dead comments I will dig deeper into this theory. Thanks for reading if you took the time to and (hopefully) I'll get back to you guys!!


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