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While watching "Xanadu" I noticed that they had fake graffiti that kinda looked like a penis. After catching this gaffe, I started seeing phallic symbols everywhere. Thankfully my Motorola phone has a camera in it (unfortunately it only takes film) so I could document these visions. Enjoy the post and listen to podcast!

More like Xana-don't
More like Xana-don't

This is actually from "The Last Airbender." Full frontal nudity in a kids film?No it's this unfortunate hairdo.

Directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong
Directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong

Her hair is normally bigger, it's just very cold outside.

"I told the barber what I told the mohel, 'A little off the top.'"

"Does this hair cut make me look like a dick?"

This makes more sense that "The Happening."

Gary Busey’s meat display for “Celebrity Apprentice.”
Gary Busey’s meat display for “Celebrity Apprentice.”

When Busy was on “Celebrity Apprentice,” Gary Busey was in charge

of packaging meat. This is how he put meat in the box.

This is an actual insert shot from the TV show.

This brings up two questions:

1) How did this get by the censors?

2) Is the editor that threw this shot in still giggling?

Cris Angel promotion for his show. You don’t see it? I see it.

This is from a VHS on how to put on make up.

A good cucumber is hard to find. A hard cucumber is good to find.

In the next shot, she got dressing all over her face.


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