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It is entirely impossible that I am the only person on the planet that saw a trailer for this movie. So why do I feel like I am the only person who wasn't surprised when the movie turned out to be exactly what the trailers promised? Sure, it was a cross between Hitch and Ocean's 11. And I knew that before it started. So I really don't feel like there's anything to get upset about. I mean, no one is leaving the theatre after Transformers: Age of Extinction saying, "I hate you Michael Bay! I was certain this one was going to have a compelling plot!" No.

I digress.

This will be rather short, because any thorough review of this movie could easily become a giant spoiler alert.

What's wrong with mixing Hitch and Ocean's 11 anyway? Both are great films, and I think Focus had a nice flavor of both without being a complete rip off of either. It was very fun and had a great deal of suspense. The various tones presented from scene to scene create a quite unique moviegoing experience, and I can't help but appreciate it for being unique. Here are some of my positives:

It was a beautifully filmed movie. The cast is electric, the locations are exotic, and the cinematography is engaging. Every shot makes the scenery and actors present look as attractive as possible. The whole composition is very complementary and luscious to behold.

Pick 42... The answer is 42.
Pick 42... The answer is 42.

It will keep you guessing. I can think of at least 4 different scenes where I was entirely fooled in this movie. Maybe I'm just a very gullible movie watcher, but I like to think I have a level head. I do admit that the movie might have tried a bit too hard to fool the audience. What I mean is that the title and marketing scheme boast that you won't be able to predict what will happen. With a claim like that the studio had better back it up. In an effort to ensure that no one in the audience can tell what will happen they might have made it a little too convoluted and random. Still, the reveals are well executed and entertaining, plus I found it refreshing to not have the whole film unraveled in the first 10 minutes.

Will and Margot have some unique charisma. I enjoyed seeing the banter and conflict between these two, and I didn't feel like it was just a two hour Suicide Squad test reel. They were fairly genuine and well layered characters. They are fantastic but not devoid of faults.

Overall I think that ratings are a little harsh. This was a fun piece of entertainment, and I think it is worth giving a try. But I won't argue with anyone who says it didn't click for them. It may be an acquired taste.

What did you think? Have you seen Focus? Leave a comment below!

Focus is out June 2nd on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD!


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