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I always went to school on a regular basis.Everything at school was all normal same routine same drama like always.I never was a popular teen at school i was just a normal teen who would go to school.My communication with my classmates were all the same all nice cool and friends.But something unusual would happened in which i never thought that it would ever happen to me it was so mysterious.As I was walking home from after school by my self I started to see this beautiful girl on my way.I never seen that mysterious girl before so i thought that she was a new student at the school or that she probably moved in few days ago.I talked about it to my mom and she said that there were new neighbors who barely moved in.I would always see that girl on my way and few days later i started to see her at my school.One day I just started to talk to her.We eventually became best friends we invited each other to our house my parents knew her and her parents knew me.After a long time being best friends i decided that i would invite her to the school Halloween dance.I asked her out for the school dance and she said yes.I was exited for thr school's dance and especially it was going to alot more fun because we all needed to wear a fancy mask.Once the Halloween dance came I went to her house to pick her up.Once we were in the school's dance everything was great but not her.I started to notice something suspicious about her but I couldn't tell what it was.Every second that passed she started to be more mysterious and odd.Since she and me danced alot we decided to sit down at an empty table.By the time I turned away I sensed something very dark.Once I turned back to look at her she wasn't there.I started to freak the F*ck out i started to go insane.I asked everyone if they have seen were she went.Everyone just told me that they never seen a girl with me and that i was crazy.So i tried to calm down but i just couldn't. So on the next day asked the school councilors to check her information but there was no information of may best friend.I went to an intense search for her days and nights without any sleepy.I went to her house but there was no one the whole house was completely empty.At the very end it turned up to be that she died 80 years ago and all along it was her s....

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