ByVarun Vutukur, writer at

Superman. He's the most well-known, easily recognizable, and iconic character in comics. He's the best of the best, the strongest, the toughest, the bravest, and most compassionate superhero in the world. He can handle any challenge that comes his way.

So what gives him pause? The maniacal, diabolical, and sometimes all-powerful villains he faces down time and time again, sometimes barely managing to scrape out a win, sometimes even losing.

Zack Snyder's Man of Steel put the focus on Zod, played by Michael Shannon. The character's portrayal and war with Superman had fans talking in the days following the film's release.

And now we have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming soon with Lex Luthor as the villain, though he may not be the only villain in that big screen adventure.

So, take this quiz and find out which one you are...


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