ByGordon Pilley, writer at

My reason is that I love this show a lot it's amazing with all the "how did he work that out" moments and then he explains and then I think " that makes sense amazing " I think going supernatural would ruin that element of the show. There's the Hounds of Baskerville episode wich added the supernatural but in the end it was justified by truth and explained with realistic evidence I would love if now and then they took a scooby doo type of vibe where in the end the supernatural is debunked and isn't at all supernatural. I wouldn't want it to ruin the show by it going supernatural it will just ruin the whole "how did he work that out" for example I would have stopped watching the show if (spoilers of season 2) when Sherlock jumps of the roof and survives I would hate it if in season 3 he said he survived by using a time travelling device that when he jumped he used it to travel forward in time and lie on the ground. Hope you understand my reason on why this show should not go supernatural.


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