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Sonny Moxey

Now when I started watching movies I always ask myself which are some of the best movies ever made and I straight away think GHOSTBUSTERS a funny but serious movie for the family to enjoy and I thought they can't remake this this is a masterpiece after seeing movie remakes such as Nightmare on elms street and Wicker man and the awful Lorax which in my opinion takes the meaning of the book out of the book.And in my opinion having seen many horrible remakes I think this would ruin the Original Smash hit know as Ghostbusters here's an example the original movie based on the children's smash hit willy wonka and the chocolate factory was a success and in 2010 when Tim burton ,known for Edward scissor hands and Frankenweenie, said that he was going to remake one of my dearest childhood movies I was kinda exited tim burton had the wacky imagination for it and the digital effects was just beautiful and yeah all was looking up and then when it was released I was distraught the movie was "not as good " as the other movie and therefore I think the movie Ghostbusters will be ruined please leave a comment below and tell me what you think thanks -Moxey


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