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I loves to watch superheroes,Star Wars, horror movies(only good ones), movies based on the book., and action heroes.
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Here the video that remind me of all fans to the Hollywood.

1. There was massive fanbase from the time of Twilight saga(2008-2012)

It was hysterical time when all over people surrounding you going crazy on Twilight. It was kind of nightmare. From this video, This fans are like hungry chickens going after writers and movie stars wanting more.

2.Star wars fan-base

This is another example that all people love George Lucas's original idea of Star Wars and encraved for movie then He went ahead with prequel trilogy then end again. Fans encrave for more so they did with clone war TV series, some video games until Disney bought the right to Star wars to continue with 7-9 episodes. That is time when George Lucas dropped the bags on fans as expression that he sell it to the disney and have disney continue it.

here the pics of the fans for 2015 celebration:

They are like happy chickens for longer time than prequel since they doing spinoffs and other things.

3. Marvel and DC rivals

here the videos of chicken fight:

When many fans take sides on Marvel and DC. They go against each other throughout years. I personally think they should get along and help each other succeed to make fans happy.

4. tearing up the sources

This is mean when Hollywood changes things around in comics, books, reboot, remaking things with different take from originals. Most of fans would like updated stories that remain the same story with different cast like books or old movies. Most of books are very popular in their time and why page by page from book come alive by same story instead changing them or limiting them, its go the same with comic books source. This truck with happy family are Hollywood take ride on their successful when fan are not fully happy how they take source and twist them around.

5.Most are Fans go crazy are pretty awesome because own ways and reasons

The Stories are makes sense and creative. Most of stories that pretty close to the book and source as go along with them. Sometimes movies are better than books, because it can be little more complex. Example, from second harry potter, harry was whiny all over in chamber secret like a baby, but in movie he is like heroic act. Sometime source can be bad, but movie make it better by improved the element for the storytelling. It as the same for Lord of the rings because it took it time and structure to get all the possible from book to movie like hours movie.

This is pretty much how fans go crazy with different kind of reasons. Sound off below and tell us what you think of this?


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