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Read, bleed, give in to greed....but defnitely read.
Stan Wilks

Roland Emmerich's disaster flicks have taught us that characters are temporary, CGI does the real work - but this time, Brad Peyton (director of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) helms the role of capturing rooftop destructions and mountainous waves.

Dwayne Johnson is charismatic as Ray, a helicopter rescue pilot who has to save his daughter when she becomes entangled in the monstrous earthquake catastrophe - and joins forces with his ex-wife Emma (Carla Gugino), who quickly realises Ray doesn't possess the wealthy pretentiousness of her current lover. Though the human drama is hardly profound, this movie is a spectacle of earth-shattering natural disasters, splendidly utilising its blockbuster effects to full potential. It is ridiculous within itself, of course, but the film acts on the basis that it all could happen, and the unexpected sense of realism proves to be extremely refreshing. If Dwayne Johnson's climactic "now we rebuild" line raises awareness of this inevitable disaster, San Andreas has done its job.


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