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Recently I asked Moviepilot Creators why they didn't like Iron Man 3. Most of them said the same thing. "When I saw the trailer...." etc etc. So before we go any further, let's go back in time. Step into my DeLorean....It's 2013 and The Avengers was released a year ago. Everyone is excited for the new chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then the wait is over! Everyone see's the first look at Iron Man 3. It's dark, it's intense, and it looks like there is an actual threat. Watch it again for a quick memory refresh.

OH WOW! Wasn't that awesome? But watching that, and then watching the movie you realize that they are completely different. I think this trailer and many others like it suffer from The Dark Knight syndrome. Even though it came out in 2008 we still feel the effects in 2015. The villain that we are given in the trailer sounds like and acts like Heath Ledgers Joker, and it has that same dark gritty tone. I think people just wanted that same type of superhero movie again.

Unfortunately for them they didn't get that. They got the most comedic Marvel movie at the time. A lot of people were angry that the trailer essential lied to them. Which leads into my point.

Trailers Lie!

There are three points to a trailer. 1) Spark interest and excitement 2) Explain what the movie is about and 3) Sell the movie. Number 3 is probably the biggest point of all. It's all about marketing the studios product onto the general masses. Trailers aren't made by the same creative teams who are making the movie. Trailers aren't made for fans. They are made to sell tickets.

There was an article that came out a month ago talking about The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer. How there was this women in one shot of the trailer, but she wasn't in the movie. They interviewed Kevin Feige about it, and he basically said that they gave what every footage they had to their marketing team to make a trailer and that was it. People were speculating on who she was and what she was going to do in the movie.

Jokes on you cause its NO ONE!
Jokes on you cause its NO ONE!

Surprise it was no one! They cut this out of the movie according to Feige. It was apart of the scene where Thor goes into that cave to see his dream. Trailers do this all the time. It shouldn't be a shock to anyone. They put in lines or scenes that were ultimately scrapped from the finished film in the trailer. Unfriended did the same thing recently. Where they had a guy fall off a building, and someone got hit by a car. But that was no where to be seen in the final cut. It's just filler to get you more excited for their movie.

Feige was also asked by the interviewer if they put things in to tease and screw with the fans, and Feige said yes they do. Our own speculation hurts the actual film. I've been caught up in the hype and started to speculate about what was going to happen in a film of this caliber. And it was all based on what they showed in the trailer. My expectations were so high, and it was crushed by the realization that it wasn't what I imagined.

But Does That Make the Movie Bad?

Well I'm the one who built it up. I'm the one who 'predicted" what was going to happen in the movie. The movie shouldn't be blamed for what the marketing team did, and what I wanted it to be in my head. You have to divorce yourself from the trailers so you can view the movie objectively. Iron Man 3 was actually pretty fun and engaging. There was great witty dialogue, different and incredible fight sequences, and some nice character building moments. Not to mention a clever twist on a comic character who isn't really that important in the comics at all.

The Mandarin argument has been done to death, and I'm not going to get into it. All I'll say is that I didn't want another Joker/Loki villain. That's how he was presented in the trailer, and in the movie. I think that would have been boring and cliche. To see the same type of villain in every movie.

Always remember that a trailers prime goal is to get your butt into a seat. They will do anything to do that. Shove an actors name in your face, or tell you it was made by this director or this studio. If you are excited for a property like Superman vs Batman, or Ant-man, or anything! You're going to see it anyways, so whats the point of you over analyzing the trailer? Don't fall into the cesspool that is hype, because that can determine the fate of an actual good/enjoyable movie.

Do you agree that the trailer and your expectations may have hurt the film? Tell me in the comment section below! I can't wait to here what you have to say! And if you liked this article don't forget to Follow Me!


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