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I loves to watch superheroes,Star Wars, horror movies(only good ones), movies based on the book., and action heroes.
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1.Star Wars

Most of time when movies are not enough, but expand the story by writing books, comics, and video games. It is very interesting to know what happened from very beginning on how it started, lead to Yoda, quin gon, we already know what happened with darth vader is good enough for movie series, but interesting to have Han Solo's story on how he meet Chewbacca lead to fourth movies, and forthcoming 7th movie coming up with spinoffs coming the way through episode 9.

2.Marvel Cinematic Universe

They started with movie for Iron Man(2008) and planned through 2012 for The Avengers. They expanded with TV shows Agent of Shield then Expanded again through Netflix with Dare Devil that lead up to The Defender. Guardian of the galaxy is a good kickoff to expand the story to explore what take place in the beyond the outer space. It is why we are getting Inhumans movie. It is growing bigger than we ever imagine.

3. DC Cinematic and TV Universe

They determined to do their own direction taking cinematic universe kicking off with man of Steel. Many fans desperate to see Arrow to tie up with them until they decide to keep separate. It seemed like both sides are growing and huge talk about Crisis on Infinite Earths as possible they can eventually ties TV and Movie universe together for this huge event. We have to wait and see patiently. TV is get ahead from movie since we got Arrow and Flash, while we have Man of Steel as one movie is already out with other coming on the way in March 2016. While that time, We will have three TV DC shows with Legend of Tomorrow. It is kind of exciting because it is a big start to be in the middle of TV and Movie time. For an example watch TV show every week until DC movie comes out. We can be more happy than waiting another couple years. It is goes the same with marvel movies.

4.Valiant cinematic universe

They were working on this, but they are seemed lesser known to us, but would be shot checking out.

5.universal monsters

They have been working on this, but already kicked off with Dracula Untold as start of universe.

Other universe they can able to expand

1.Image comic cinematic Universe

This would be amazing because we viewers would expand bigger interest in Spawn, Witchblade, Savage Dragon, and many other heroes. It would be worth of a chance.

2.Horror cinematic movie

we seen Freddy vs Jason and it was kicked off for sequel to introduce other horror villains like Pinhead from Hellraiser, Michael Myers from Halloween, and Ash from Evil Dead. Many fans would love to see that happens one day. Instead have them team up, all they do is fight each other because they would not be happy that they are not only ones.

3. Godzilla movies

They could expand Godzilla and other monsters. Even better they can tie Pacific Rim and Cloverfield together. There is many other monster can be interesting like Loch Ness Monster, Chthlu, Kraken, and other monsters that they can come up with.

If you think anything else are missing from above, Sound off below would be great!!!!


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