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Jay Kelley

First let me say that this list will consist of live action comic book movie fights only. Also, this list is not intended to be about what the best movie is but instead the best live action fights in comic and comic book realism brought to screen. Comic book movies are definitely here to stay and over the next few years I'm sure this list will change. But until then....Let's get ready to rumble!!!

5. X-Men 2: Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike

4. The Winter Soldier: Captain America vs Bucky

3. Hulk: Hulk vs Abomination

2. Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man vs Dr. Octopus

1. Man of Steel: Superman vs Zod

So do you like my list? What would you change? What would you add or take away? Or would you just scrap my list completely? I would love to hear your opinion. Please share your top 5 live action comic book movie fights below.


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