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Heroes have collided in comics, movies, TV series and animation. Some people don't like the idea of heroes fighting each other, while others love it. We've seen heroes collide in the MCU like Iron Man vs Thor, Hulk vs Thor, Iron Man vs Hulk, and next year, we'll be seeing Captain America vs Iron Man. But when it comes to the two greatest comic book characters duking it out, so many people complain. At the same time though so many people like myself are really excited for this. Today I thought I'd put together what may seem as a manual to those who don't understand why these characters can fight each other. There's a lot of Bat-fans out there that seem to think that Batman can take Superman easy. Yet there's also a lot of people that don't understand how its possible for Batman to be fighting Superman in the first place. Now I would have thought by now people would know why its possible for these characters to go up against one another. However people still seem to be arguing over this, so to all you people in either Superman or Batman's defence, please give this article a read. I will be talking from both characters defences and will use all my knowledge from comics and research to defend them both.


Superman and Batman
Superman and Batman

Lets start with the Man of Steel. Im going to be straight with all you Bat-fans who seem to always bring up The Dark Knight Returns, or say 'with prep and time' Batman always wins. Superman could beat Batman before I finish this sentence. He's Superman, he goes up against the most powerful enemies in the DC Universe. If Superman wanted he could end Batman, and Bruce himself knows this. With prep time that includes a heavily armoured suit, explosives and kryptonite, Superman could still easily beat Batman. Iron Man could easily beat Captain America, Thor could easily beat Iron Man. But there's a reason why these fights don't play out like this, and that is because the more powerful character holds back. Superman won't use his full strength on Batman because he doesn't want to kill him. I mean what would be the point in Superman killing Batman. In the comics, believe it or not, they are best friends. They have there falling outs now and again, they clash but they aren't out to kill the other. Even in TDKR Batman doesn't have a clean win. Every attack he throws, Superman takes it and continues as if it were nothing. Its not until Green Arrow shoots the kryptonite dart at Superman where we see Batman take the upper hand. There really isn't much else to say in Superman's defence. Superman faces enemies by far more powerful than a human in an armoured suit with gadgets. Also in all canon stories Superman usually always wins. Im just gonna leave this line in Superman's defence that comes from Batman.

"If Clark wanted to, he could use his super-speed and squish me into the cement. But I know how he thinks. Even more than the kryptonite, he's got one big weakness. Deep down, Clark's essentially a good person... and deep down, Im not." - Batman (Hush)


Batman and Superman
Batman and Superman

Now onto Batman. Lets face it the reason why Batman can take on Superman has already been covered in Superman's defence. Superman will always hold back, even when he is weakened like in TDKR. People forget that even though Superman held back in that fight he was also weaker. He took an atomic bomb to the face and was fighting Batman on a dark wintery night. Now Superman doesn't always need the sun on him to use his powers but he isn't going to be as strong as he would be in the day. And of course the after effects of a nuke isn't going to help as well. Im not sure how they'll play it out in the movie but I think we all know the two will fight at night. Now if Tony Stark can build a suit to take on the Hulk, why can't Batman build one to take on Superman. Also did some of you forget that Lex Luthor is human, and is Superman's arc-nemesis. Batman is more than capable of building a heavily armoured suit that can protect him from super punches and reflect heat vision. Not only that he'll probably have some form of kryptonite on him. Or maybe Batman will have some red sun lamps in the area. Now that would really put Superman in a bad position as this can completely drain his strength. Although I doubt they'll go that way, we'll probably see the introduction of kryptonite. When it comes to kryptonite it'll only be as powerful as the writer makes it. Superman has sometimes been able to hold up well against kryptonite, and slowly have his powers drained. On the other hand some writers have made kryptonite much more deadly to Superman. We don't know how badly it'll effect Superman in the new movie yet so we'll have to wait and see. TDKR is a good example to look at when wanting to know how a fight between the two should go down. But even though it looked like Batman was kicking Superman's ass, it didn't mean Batman had the upper hand. Unless we see some kryptonite in the movie then all of Batman's attacks will likely do nothing to Superman. However that still doesn't mean Batman's not capable of taking the Man of Steel on.


Wow I thought I'd be writing a two thousand word essay explaining why Batman and Superman can fight each. But it really isn't that complicated to understand. Superman has limits and Batman knows that Supes can take heavy attacks. So Batman doesn't need to hold back when it comes to fighting Superman. Now these two characters maybe against each other to start off with but eventually they'll see eye to eye, and help form the Justice League.

Bat-fans, Bruce is perfectly capable of coming up with a plan to take on Clark but don't think just because of TDKR that he will always claim victory.

Superman fans, yes Clark could use his heat vision to fry Bruce's exposed mouth when wearing the armoured suit but ask yourselves, why would he do that?

To any of you who are wondering why these two will be fighting in their first movie together anyway, there is a solutions. It was was Clark that brought the kryptonian invasion to earth. It is Lex Luthor who will try to blame Superman for what happened in Man of Steel. Therefore many of the public will be against Superman, including Batman. Bruce doesn't trust many people so its gonna take some proving for them to come to an understanding.

Batman and Superman fans, we should all be friends and not scrabbling over the two. They are friends and Im sure if they were real they'd appreciate it if we could all get along. I am really excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I hope the fight will blow us all away. Even more so than when Superman fought Zod in Man of Steel.


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