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Tyler Easterday

Chris Farley had been a tour de force of comedy since he entered the SNL alum in the early 90's. At first, people thought he channeled Belushi too hard. They soon came to see his original talent though. After only a few seasons on the show, Farley was promoted to a member of the main cast. David Spade at his side, Lorne approving skit after skit from their duo-writing, and a comedy style that will never be mimicked in perfection, Farley was in cloud nine. No one could touch his sensibility, but they also couldn't out-range his baritone approach to comedy.

Soon, however, Spade and Farley were fired from SNL for anonymous reasons. They then went on to star in a collection of films together, which Lorne himself produced(making it clear they were still on good terms). After a series of cinematic performances that showcased Farleys outrageous physical comedy with his high energy delivery, everyone knew a star was shining bright. As the youngest stars in the universe to die yield the biggest explosions, so did Farley. He passed away on December 18, 1997, at the tragically young age of 33.

There is no fulfillment for Chris Farley's originality of physical comedy, timing, and enthusiasm. This Summer, a documentary on Farley with interviews from every great comedian you could imagine: Mike Myers, Sandler, Molly Shannon, and of course, David Spade. The film will be called "I am Chris Farley", and will debut on

Spike TV August 10th. A VOD release will be available the Tuesday after the airing. God bless you, Mr. Farley, and we will all take your advice to avoid "a strict diet of government cheese and living in a van down by the river".


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