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Hello, I am CP of the youtube movie review site "Will I Like It?" - and my goal to try and be different from the pack is to focus on the viewer first. I like to think of movie reviewers in that "classic" type sense: Any random weekend night a couple would open up the movie section of the newspaper and look at the reviews for the movies available, and they would then narrow down their choices based on what they read was good or bad. But, it has always been based on what the critic had to say and/or think about the particular film.

That always kind of got to me a bit. We don't all have the same tastes, and movies are art, and art is subjective. Critics often go by what films are "supposed" to be, how well a film is made. If we compare it to food, critics expect every film to be this masterpiece of a meal. But sometimes you just kinda want a twinkie. You know it's no good for you, and there's no real nutritional value, but that's what you want. So what the heck is reading about how much of a meal the twinkie isn't going to help you? At WILI (Will I Like It for short) we try not to steer in any sort of direction, but merely suggest who would or would not like a film in question.

Give us a try, we're still figuring the world out. Subscribe to the channel and please feel free to get involved in the topics and videos. Input is always welcome. Oh, and you can hear my opinions on the film too if you really need to have that too.

Hugs, kisses, and loud farts,



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