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This is our new segment, Watch Scott in the short video above rant about his thought on the Suicide Squad leaked photos.

Stupified Squad

"What's up nerds, welcome to 60 skeptical seconds. This is a segment where we pull a recent news topic and I rant about it for about 1 minute. This week we talk about none other than, you guessed it, more Suicide Squad leaked photos."

"So we start off with a picture of the Joker and he kinda looks like he walked into Prince's dressing room, picked his best purple suit and popped out kind of looking like a 90's pimp that's doing alright for himself."

"The 2nd photo is the Joker smacking Harley Quinn, and the internet is more or less kind of OK with it. I'm pretty surprised about that, but expect a potential uproar to go off once the movie gets released."

"Last and certainly least the Joker exits a bright purple Lamborghini with a "HAHAHA" vanity plate. Now, I get it, The Joker is the most trans formative villain of the Batman universe... but... this isn't him. If this is the take they're going on, fuck you Suicide Squad, I hate you, I hate you forever."

"So this has been 60 Skeptical Seconds with Scott. For move videos, please check out our YouTube Channel, or our Website. Thanks!"

-Scott Burnett, Cool Nerd Show


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