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You heard me say it! No matter how much we want to see the X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR in a shared Marvel Universe alongside Spidey and The Avengers-IT AIN'T HAPPENING! For one-there is talk in space about a movie crossover between the two franchises which would be sick! Two, the current wave of X-Films starting from First Class has been consistently good.

So long as FOX is willing to spend a pretty penny in keeping FF and X-movies coming- LET THEM for GOD'S' SAKE. The movies are visually entertaining and no matter how much hate is spewed, The Fantastic Four looks like it's going to be fun!

Now is the time for Marvel to build franchises for other well known heroes that they DO own movie licenses. Why worry about fighting an expensive battle for X-Men and the Fantastic Four when we all know they will eventually come home like every good little piggy. We all know what's coming on NETFLIX so that alone makes me want to keep things with the universes as they are...for now.

Let's look take a look at PHASE 3 and what could potentially start PHASE 4!

Listen, we all know that the era of BLACK PANTHER is coming. It's time to let the KING of WAKANDA run rampant in the movies. Already cast and filming for Marvel's CIVIL WAR, and a solo movie for November 2017. Plenty of stories to build here.

MS. MARVEL! Carol Danvers is SUCH a big part of the Avengers universe that June 6 2018 can't come fast enough.

There is no way we are going to let this character die. Riddled by movies that missed the strike zone, THE PUNISHER should get the proper treatment it deserves. Now with DAREDEVIL having success on Netflix, it can open doors for Frank Castle to walk in!

Since it looks like we're getting a version of the WEST COAST AVENGERS, then there needs to be some serious conversation about WONDERMAN. Simon Williams has been in the Avenger universe since 1964 and is long overdue for a movie/tv version. Truthfully, his origin story would make for a great drama. If you bring Wonderman out to play, you also get The Grim Reaper as a bonus!

I ain't up for seeing origin stories for these two. I vote to see Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes come back and do a movie together as BLADE & GHOST RIDER. I'd love for them to be included in the DR. STRANGE movie and spin off on their own into an even darker corner of the Marvel Universe. Can anyone say MIDNIGHT SONS for PHASE 4. We have three sons already cast folks!

Check out this cool fan video of The Midnight Sons!

How better to conclude this article than with my #1 choice to get the next Marvel movie budget for PHASE 4. SHE-HULK has to be done, no question. The list of actresses that would line up to play Bruce Banner's cousin Jennifer is long and distinguished. Want a couple of names, ask Mark Ruffalo!

Well, that's my thoughts on why Marvel should stop trying to force Fox on the whole FF/X-MEN license deal. There's rumors abound about Marvel removing X-Men images from new merchandise. At least while they work all these new characters in and establishes a kick ass cinematic universe that pummels all. Maybe FOX might just say "here you go, make us both some money" like Sony did but until then we should all just move on. Hurting X-Men and FF brands in the comic books to screw the upcoming movies just plain sucks dude.



Do you think Marvel is trying to hurt the FF/X-MEN movies coming up?


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