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Everyone's amped up for the October premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel. So far (according to designntrend), the cast for this season includes: Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Max Greenfield, Cheyenne Jackson and Chloe Sevigny.

While there will most likely be more casting announcements and maybe even a surprise cameo for this season, such as Lily Rabe's appearance on Freak Show; there's a set of actors I'd love to see return. Even though I'm open to newcomers, these six thespians' previous performances on the series were so eloquent and heavenly, seeing them on screen was a feast. And I want seconds.

6. Eric Stonestreet

True, he was only in one episode. Yet, Stonestreet's presence and acting chops were so striking in "Piggy Piggy," it's a crime he's only made a SINGLE appearance in this whole damn series. Please, AH producers, if you're reading this... sign Stonestreet up for Hotel!... Alright, thank you, and have a good day.

5. Jamie Brewer

Model and actress Brewer has been on three chapters of American Horror Story. Notably as Adelaide (Murder House), Nan (Coven) and Marjorie (Freak Show) - my favorite. With theater and improv training under her belt, she's a true pro and it shows. Seamlessly playing three separate identities: a cautious young woman, clairvoyant witch and a psychotic, alternate personality extension of a magician. It'd be a treat to see her again.

4. John C Lynch

Lynch simultaneously gave us another reason to hate clowns and won over our hearts as Twisty, a misunderstood clown. For over two decades, he's been on TV and film, and considering he's done almost every genre and role from A-Z, his acting palate is diverse. In fact, this wasn't the first time he's played a homicidal clown even.

Lynch brought us an appetizing performance and made us go from fearing/hating Twisty to sympathizing with him when his backstory is revealed. Now, that's a gifted actor.

3. Zachary Quinto

Quinto was a major player in Murder House and Asylum. In both of these editions he played deceptively harmless professionals who later turn out to hide deep psychological problems that provoked them to commit heinous acts. Despite acting as unpleasant men, he's charismatic on screen and regaling to watch.

A multi-dimensional actor, he has a versatile resume. His most prominent roles include: Skylar (Heroes), Spock (new Star Trek films) and Andy Kaufman (24).

2. Naomi Grossman

Grossman first appeared as fan-favorite Pepper on Asylum and returned as her again in Freak Show. Now, ideally, I'd like to see her portray someone other than Pepper. Not that I'm against the character, yet seeing Grossman (seemingly) effortlessly playing this troubled, yet sweet persona makes me curious on how she'd do playing another individual. I'm sure she'd do a flawless job, yet it still has me wondering. Either way, it'd be pleasant to see her on the show once again. Whether or not she's Pepper or another entity entirely.

She has hinted she'll return for Hotel, but for now, it hasn't been set in stone.

1. Lily Rabe

Rabe was phenomenal as Sister Mary Eunice in Aslyum (and her other roles in Coven and Murder House were also spectacular). Eunice went from being a naive, doormat to a sadistic tyrant (however, she turned out to be possessed by a demon all along) within a snap. Viewers erupted in delight when she came back as Eunice in Freak Show, and since then they've been clamoring for and speculating a possible return in Hotel.

Seeing as how The Whispers, her newest show, is coming out shortly she may or not have the time to do Hotel. Yet, at this point it's up in the air. Either way, whether or not we'll see any of these actors in Hotel I'm hopeful it'll be another memorable chapter in the AHS cannon.


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