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Jennifer Gennaro

Every one get to you're TV's and start watching the new show that is making girls 18-24 squeal! It's got food, love and some really incredible cast members, that keep you laughing all night long. The show only last 20 minutes give or take long commercials, but this show is worth staying for a long time.

The plot goes like this Set in San Francisco, a wealthy entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) hires a food blogger named Gabi (Emily Osment) to be his new personal chef. The series follows the couple and their friends after the couple's one-night stand dilemma.

Jonathan Sadowski is a heart breaker not because of his killer hair, but the boy's got the blue eyes that any girl could get lost in. Emily Osment has left her Hannah Montana days behind as she jumps into her own sweet yet beautiful character. If you really want to have your eyes glued to the screen? This is the show to watch. It comes back Wednesday August 12th and for sure i'll be in my living room tuned in. Thank you ABC Family for finally doing it right.

Check out some moment that make this show so well yummy!


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