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Man of Steel is a good movie. That's a fair enough observation. It's a new, modern take on the Man of Tomorrow, and it's dark, serious tone help set a precedent for movies in the DC Cinematic Universe to come. It's certainly controversial, and while it's not a bad movie, it's not without it's flaws, either.

So without further ado, here are 10 things that bother me about Man of Steel.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the 10 things that I love about Man of Steel, coming soon.

Did I do something wrong?
Did I do something wrong?

10. Jonathan Kent is just plain dumb.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Kevin Costner's portrayal of the character. But you can't ignore just how plain stupid he is. First of all, he tells people to go hide under an overpass during a tornado, which I heard is among the stupidest things you can do in that situation. Then he decides that sending in his indestructible son to save the family dog from a freakin tornado isn't the right thing to do, so he just hobbles down there himself.

Come on, man! Clark going down there and surviving a tornado isn't suspicious at all to those bystanders. Most normal people's reaction isn't going to be "Oh wow he must be a super powered alien from a distant planet!". At most those guys are just gonna be like, oh he's so lucky, what a miracle, and then they might go to church more often or something.

Pa Kent waving him off isn't a bad idea, but at least have it make sense. Maybe have Martha start to get carried away by the winds, Clark grabs on to her, and thus, with his arms full of mom, it is more difficult to actually get over there, and Jonathan understands this and tells him to let him go, or something like that. But hey, I guess there's a reason I'm not a director. *shrugs*

Nah bro, trust me, I got this
Nah bro, trust me, I got this

9. Nobody hears/is concerned about this.

Maybe it was a hurricane... Or something
Maybe it was a hurricane... Or something

I'm not going to dwell on this one, but I felt like including it. This is insane! I mean just look at this mess! Of course, Clark believes this course of action is much better than just punching the guy in the face and throwing him out, because people would totally think that he's an alien for doing this, instead of what he ends up doing. I'm not gonna blame Clark on this one, because it probably comes from growing up with Pa Kent for most of your life.

8. The Fortress Of Solitude.

In Man of Steel what serves for the fortress of solitude is a Kryptonian Scout Ship that apparently crash landed on earth long ago. This is all explained in a fill-in comic of some sorts, which explains how it got there/why, and probably more importantly, who it was piloted by, none other than Kara Zor-El, cousin of Kal-El, and the future Supergirl. I haven't read this personally, so please don't hesitate to correct me if I relay misinformation. My problem with this is that none of this is really expanded upon in the actual movie. It's all very hazy as well as what a suit with a cape was doing there, and why Jor-El doesn't mention what the hell it is, or who was in it, or why.

Oh, and don't be surprised to find your cuz in here
Oh, and don't be surprised to find your cuz in here

7. The opening Krypton scene.

I actually like this scene, however long it may have been, and it serves as a good introduction for Michael Shannon's General Zod. So, I won't ask any questions like how that flying animal thing knew exactly where and when to catch a falling Jor-El, or why Zod didn't destroy the control panel Jor-El's wife used to send Kal away, or why he didn't just kill her like he killed her husband instead of expecting her to listen to him after KILLING HER HUSBAND, or simply why General Zod felt the need to yell so much. I also question Jor-El's decision to send his son in the same direction his niece? was sent previously, when she never returned. But, I guess he had some kind of plan, right? Right?

Alright, alright we get it.  Sure you'll find him.
Alright, alright we get it. Sure you'll find him.

6. How Zod gets to Earth.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but when explaining how he gets out of his little exile, Zod says something along the lines of, "We managed to convert the phantom drive into..." Blah blah fictional alien stuff. What the hell? I guess we're just expected to take it as it is, but man is that one big cop out. It's one of the more minor things on my list, but it still bugs me when I hear it.

5. Ma Kent isn't that much smarter than her husband.

Unfortunately, Martha isn't the brightest bulb in the box either. When approached by a supervillain who wants to know the location of something, and your not planning on giving it up, what do you do?

Not what she did.

Sure, your a big help there Ma. Go ahead and LOOK IN THE DIRECTION of the barn, then quickly play it off like you didn't just give it away. Way to go.

But I will give her points for surviving that long toss by Zod.

4. Lois apparently weighs waayy more than, well, everything else; has superspeed.

Both of these things were obviously used for dramatic/heroic moments, and that's fine. But when you look into it, neither of them are possible.

First, when the black hole is sucking everything up into itself, as Lois free falls, she should've been taken in as well, which would've been 1. Realistic and 2. A cool moment for Superman to fly into it, and fight against its pull to get Lois out. Instead, she falls right down, completely unaffected by what's happening, and Clark is able to catch her with ease.

Second, when Lois is on the ground watching Zod and Supes rocket down to Earth with the satellite debris, it's really, really far away. There's no possible way that she would know where they landed, let alone get there in time to see the short fight that followed end the way it did, which leads to my number three.

Holy crap, how much did you eat?
Holy crap, how much did you eat?

3. Superman's handling of Zod.

Now I know I'm the first to say that I have no problem with Superman killing Zod. Or with how the entire fight went down, which I will elaborate on in my next article. But there were certainly better ways he could have handled Zod at the end, especially when he was in full control with the headlock. Here are some options:

1. Put a knee in his back. Maybe break his spine and paralyze him. Leaves him alive but immobile. Probably easier said than done.

2. Slam him into the ground. Repeatedly.

3. Fly him upwards, and then slam him into the ground. Probably hurts more.

4. Put a hand in front of his heat vision, and just slap it back in his face. Or go the more bloody route, and straight up gouge out his eyes.

5. Does a sleeper hold apply to Kryptonians?

6. If you have to snap the guys neck, do it in the opposite direction of the people he's currently trying to fry!

But then again, I'm not a superhero.

Go ahead, just catch it, and Slap! Works everytime.
Go ahead, just catch it, and Slap! Works everytime.

2. Clark goes to work at a functional Daily Planet, probably just so they can end on the "Welcome to the planet" line.

Unless this is a time jump, it's totally out from left field. Wasn't Metropolis just leveled? And I certainly don't think a newspaper building would be among the first to be rebuilt. Just my two cents. (Although that line is incredibly clever)

1. The movie is too dark.

And I'm not alluding to the tone, which, admittedly, could have been lighter, but that's ok by me. How about the lighting? Everything is so dank. Come on, Zack Snyder, it's Superman. There's something online where they remastered a few scenes from the movie using actual color. Color, Zack. It's a thing. And, by the way, it looks pretty damn awesome, almost like an entirely different movie, and helps the Superman-esque feel that the tone lacks.

So that's my 10 things that bother me about the Man of Steel. Stay tuned for my next article, 10 things I love about Man of Steel, which for me will probably be easier to write. Or will it?

And don't hesitate to comment below, I love feedback! (By the way this is my first article here so tell me how I did!)

Look it.  It's beautiful.
Look it. It's beautiful.


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