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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Today is a very sad day in Horror movie history. As it was just revealed by multiple websites that Betsy Palmer, the famous killer mother of Jason Voorhees has passed away from natural causes at 88 years old.

Ms. Palmer was most known as being the main antagonist in the original Friday The 13th film, who killed off any person that dared to come back to the camp where her now iconic son, Jason died from drowning. Since that film she's done a number of projects, but that role is what she became best known for.

Ms. Palmer has also said that she never thought the movie or franchise was gonna be anything special. And admitted that she only did the movie to buy a new car. But afterwards she embraced the film and never regretted doing it afterwards. Ms. Voorhees is also probably the most well known female slasher movie villain to date.

Betsy Palmer is also the primary reason for the iconic slasher villain Jason Voorhees becoming what we all know him to be today. Because of Ms. Voorhees death in the original movie, Jason came back to crystal lake and engraved his machete into our hearts forever.

Ms. Palmer will always be the ultimate horror movie mother for this generation and the ones before. And there won't be another like her for a long time to come.

Rest in peace to the greatest slasher movie mother ever..

Betsy Palmer..


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