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PG-13 | 2015 | 96m

I really would have thought the title Survivor would be unusable forever to avoid confusion with the CBS reality series. However, Director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, The Raven) brings us the action/thriller Survivor (2015.) The title refers to the main character Kate Abbott played by Mila Jovovich. She is a 9/11 survivor, now working in England for the U.S. Embassy.

While doing a check on a visa request she notices something odd with one of applicants. A British doctor wants to fly Oceanic Airlines to New York for a pediatric medical conference, but he is not a pediatrician. Her not approving the visa causes problems with a terrorist cell planning an attack on New York. Afraid she might be a problem, they hire a hitman named Nash played by Pierce Brosnan.

Nash has no regard for collateral damage in this flick, using guns and bombs in public to destroy his target. Oddly though, he does have a silencer on his gun, even while tossing grenades around. To eliminate her he decides to bomb a restaurant where she and her co-workers are having lunch. Kate however is across the street at the time of the explosion and now Nash needs to track her down. The fact that she is the only survivor from her group though, makes her the main suspect in the bombing. This of course makes things much harder for Kate. Both sides of the law are now perusing her.

The film eventually does hop on an Oceanic flight (but doesn't crash land on the Lost island) The Terrorist's planned attack is on Times Square on New Years Eve. Kate (Jovovich) discovers their plans while conveniently watching local news coverage of the ball drop from the back of a cab. The newscaster is talking about the gas used to cool the ball, as it will get too hot from all the lights. She instinctively knows this must be the bomb and heads for Times Square, on one of the busiest nights of the year. Other than the fact that they are talking about it though, you wouldn't know it was the holidays in NY. There are no decorations or traffic. It doesn't even look cold out.

Aside from a couple of the bigger named actors like the aforementioned Jovovich and Bronson the acting in the film is not great. There are even unnecessary scenes with only extras that are just downright bad. Some of the other more known names in the movie though are Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott and Robert Forster. All of which do give acceptable performances.

It’s also hard to buy the fact that a terrorist group would have to hire a hitman, who is also the guy that is going to carry out the NY attack. Although, seeing Broson as a villain was nice. Plus, how is Mila’s character that big of a threat anyway? They still made it to NY even though she’s still alive. While this movie is entertaining for the most part, the acting and improbability factor really hurt it. I have to say, “Skip it.

I will leave you with this question though. When did Oceanic Airlines become the 555 of sky travel?


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