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The Flash season one was one of the best television shows i’ve ever seen. It kept me at the edge of my seat every episode. I was waiting for a new Wells reveal or another WestAllen moment either way it was awesome. Season one left season 2 with lots to explore. The Black hole, Eddie’s death, Eobard being erased. Lots of things. So lets get started on five things that should happen in The Flash Season 2. Sorry for any bad grammar in this article. Enjoy!!! :)

1. Stray away from Arrow

Bar with me on this one (pun attended). Think about it, The Flash season one and Arrow season one are similar in terms of story structure. Harrison Wells are friends to team Flash and Barry but is secretly his worst enemy The Reverse Flash. Malcolm Merlyn is a old time friend of the Queens and our main hero is part of the Queen Family. Barry’s good friend has the same last name as his rival and is dating the love of his life. Oliver’s best friend has the same last name as his rival and is dating the love of his life. Malcolm and Wells both revealed that they’re the enemies of the seasons in episode nine. Team Flash consists of two different types of characters, the light hearted, funny one, in this case Cisco, and the distant, cold hearted, dead family member one, in this case Caitlin. Team Arrow consists of two different types of characters, the light hearted, funny one, in this case Felicity, and the distant, cold hearted, dead family member one, in this case Diggle. Barry’s good friend sacrifices himself for the better good. Oliver’s best friend sacrifices himself for the better good. The enemy dies, but not really. Everything about it is the same basically. We don’t want to see Eddie come back as a villain in season 2 like Slade did in season 2. We want new material, new characters, and a new story structure. Joe better not die like Moira did in season 2.

2. Explore the consequences of the finale

Season one left off on a pretty high note. Barry running up in wormhole, which is a gateway to the multiverse. Don’t leave us disappointed, as in Barry stops the wormhole and just wraps up as neat bow,show us the consequences.The CCPD should be upping their game, Team Flash should up the their game. Set the bar pretty high in season 2, introduce new villains like Mirror Master, Dr.Alchemy, Thaddeus Thawne, Savitar. Make us feel what that wormhole caused. Since there is confirmation that team Flash, and the West family will be dealing with Eddie’s death in season 2.

3. New Flash suit

I’ve been itching for Barry to dawn his white emblem since it was shown in the pilot. Cisco already was teasing that he may make the suit in episode 20 “The Trap”, and to be honest the current Flash suit looks like someone who tried to make a cosplay suit. While the Arrow suit is more understandable on how it looks because it looks because it’s more grounded in reality and it wasn’t made by a group of scientist. The Flash on the other hand should look more teched out. Nothing like the horrible suit from Injustice: Gods Among Us. Something more comic booky since this is a comic booky show, and not a dark and gritty TV show trying to be similar to Nolan Batman trilogy. While the dark and gritty feel did work for some CBM’s and CBS’s (Comic Book Shows), it has been the downfall of some movies and shows that weren’t meant to be Nolanfied. If you can’t add the white emblem, at least change the color to something a little more suitable to our light hearted Barry Allen.

4. Go outside of Central City

Yes yes, I know, Central City is the main city of the Flash, but if someone got the powers of super speed, why would he stay in one or two cities? Any person that gained the powers to run at nearly the speed of light would probably be visiting places, or running around the country or world. If Eobard Thawne is to return this season, they should have a battle while running across the country or fighting on the water. I know TV shows have a budget but can’t they visit a real world city or actually have a fight outside of Central City. Every fight I’ve seen between Reverse Flash and The Flash has either been all over the country or on the water. The scenery between the fight would be astonishing.

5. Don’t please the fans too much

Now don’t get me wrong on this topic, you can please the fans on the little things like an easter egg or a new power, but don’t go and start SnowBarry, or kill Iris. Thats one of the biggest downfalls of Arrow season three. That season was too much fanservice and the story wasn’t interesting at all. The Flash is known for their twist and turns, disproving fan theories, starting new theories. Don’t change that. That’s what make the Flash season one such and interesting show, it wasn’t about the fanservice, it was about how the writers thought about the situation and what they could do to make it more relevant to the plot and interesting.

Thats all it on five things that should happen in The Flash season 2. What do you think about the list? and is there anything I missed that you would add to the list? Comment below,let me know. Thanks and Follow for more articles like this.


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