So, a question been buzzing in my buddy's and my head, Who would win: Thor or Wolverine? I say Thor, while he says Wolverine.

Thor is a god, a norse god. This is the religion of the infamous vikings. Thor has the power to summon lightning, has super strength, and has a kick-butt hammer, Mjonir. Now, the reason I think that Thor would win is that Wolverine's bones are adamantium. As shown in the X-Men Last Stand, the scene is Jean Grey's house introduces the fact that Wolverine's bones converts electricity, which hurts him. So, Thor can send the lightning through Wolverine's body, completely stopping his heart. If Thor can keep the lightning going through Wolverine for a long time, his heart might stop long enough to kill him off for good. If Thor can't kill Wolverine, then Thor can always use his hammer to send Wolverine to another dimension. Also, Thor has more experience with very dangerous things. While Wolverine has defeated the Phoenix Power, Thor has faced the power of the Reality gem, the most powerful out of the 6 gems. Also, he is linked to a very powerful person: Odin. Odin is the only person, along with Vision and Thor, who can lift Thor's hammer. He also has the power to have Thor lose his power, but can always grant it back.

Jane is lucky.
Jane is lucky.

Wolverine is a mutant who has the power to regenerate and can have caws pop pot of his knuckles. The only reason this match would be tough for Thor is because he has regenerating power. Wolverine has survived very impossible deaths to survive by, such as being beheaded. Wolverine is very skilled with his pow, enough that he is a mentor at an academy for mutants who cant cotrol their powers. Wolverine has battled many great foes, such as the Juggernaut and Sabretooth. But, he has one disadvantage. His bones are made of adamantium, which is also magnetic. People with powers who can manipulate metals magnetically can beat Wolverine in an instant. Even though Thor has a very powerful person to look up to, Wolverine does, too. That is no other but Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X. Professor X can talk to people telepathically, so, if Wolverine did win, it could be by the help of Professor Xavier, with him telling Wolverine Thor's weakness. Another way is to find a way to take away Thor's hammer, which is nearly impossible, and take away his belt that gives Thor double strength. Losing these two items could lead Thor to lose this fight. Though Thor as faced more dangerous foe and scenarios, Wolverine has too. Of course, you would add the Phoenix Force, leading Jean Gray to kill many mutants. Wolverine was the one who saved the day, by killing Jean Grey. He has also faced the Beyonders, though he survived it, he didn't really do much to defeat them, besides fighting beside the Avengers, when Starbrand was around.

They also has similar case scenarios. Both have robots after their butts, Thor has Destroyer and Wolverine has Sentinels. Both have appeared in their movies, and both have shown that they should not be treated like play toys. Also, both have very powerful allies, Thor the Asgardians and Wolverine the X-men.

So, who would win? Thor or Wolverine?


Who would win?


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