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the inter-web is full of strange, bizarre, cool, and creepy websites, articles, videos, and blogs. This ranges from websites that seem nothing more then junk upon piles of junk that you can become lost in very quickly, or they can be more sinister and mysterious. That being said, in the search of the creepy things online; be careful of what you search for... for some can be truly disturbing and should never outright exist. (also, if you found yourself within the deep web/dark web that is not my doing, and you are on your own)

So here we go, the list of websites with the links you should visit!!! --this one is out there, for its a giant cryptic website that has numbers, letters, and spiritual pictures. whoever made this has a lot of time of ones hands. --you read it here folks, ted is God. I am calling the psych ward. --well if you can guess, its pretty disturbing. i won't post the link here, if you have the stomach, go about finding it yourselves. (*hurls*) - read this at night, in the dark, alone. Ted The Caver. --strange, mysterious, bunch of pictures, clicking upon them brings up a password box, no one knows the passwords. Reading forums trying to see if someone has ever cracked this website, and in the anon posts, was supposedly the "John". He too was a mysterious type. hinted at possible passwords, and life meanings. --now this is just creepy, watch at night in the dark. --?? --a need programming skills, and two silent youtube videos ever made on how to get deeper into the nightmare.

so without further ado, this is my i want to see yours :) have fun sleeping tonight chums.


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