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Ravenous devourer of the Marvel universe
Lucas Daniels

Thanos is irrefutably bad ass. The mad titan is slowly working his way into our favorite Marvel movies and soon into our nightmares but for now we suffer the lesser bad guys.

Loki Face it, for such a fan favorite so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no more than a nuisance. A puny God indeed.

Red Skull A cliche yielding, army having retreat specialist.

Ronan the Accuser Yet again we are given a cliche factory, hell bent on destruction and he was taken down at a dance party. Come on.

The Mandarin A literal joke.

Yes I know there are several more villains, but none more bad ass than the madness that is Thanos.

Finally, we are being introduced to a moral free killing machine. One ( once he has his gauntlet in place) will kill every superhero there is... snapping the neck of that goody goody Captain America with a backhand.

Thanos is the bad guy we deserve. We deserve to see a real challenge for our mighty heroes. Ultron was too easily dismissed, Iron Monger tossed aside without calling the team. George Batroc lasted only a few minutes.

Thanos presents a fight. Thanos presents a challenge worth uniting earths mightiest heroes after [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

What do you think? Who poses a greater threat to The Avengers, The Earth or The Universe than Thanos.


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