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This is a crossover that needs to happen now. This blog post assumes you have seen both Mad Max Fury road, and Starship Troopers. We will also assume that there has been a sequel to Starship troopers as they just do not count except the third one wasn't as bad as everyone says.

I won't waste time in saying it I think the war boys would flat out win. Just look at them they look bad ass even when they are just standing around the set walking.

The mobile infantry does have the numbers. But numbers don't count for crap when you are going up against a guerrilla force that's just ingenious.

The war boys show good strategy and tactics while trying to beat mad max and capture the breeders. The only reason for their eventual loss is the fact that they were not trying to kill them from the beginning.

The war boys have an unlimited supply of unconventional vehicles, and post-apocalyptic know how. Whereas the starship troopers just like to stand and shoot

It would be a glorious slaughter to watch and I would definitely pay to see it.

In the end I think they would leave the mobile infantry in pieces and take their supplies as any crazy bunch of scavengers should.

So what do you think? Who do you think would win?


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