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What started all of this idea of coming together as team heroes?

Smallville back in 2005,

  • Bart Allen showed up in episode Run of Season 4.
  • Aquaman in episode Aqua of Season 5.
  • Cyborg in episode Cyborg of Season 5.
  • Green Arrow in episode Sneeze in season 6, then recurring until Justice.
  • Justice is assemble all five heroes as Pre Justice League.

I think nobody ever seen this concept. Smallville ran for 10 season and had some Justice League teamwork often throughout. I figured I had to point these out.

Iron Man came out in 2008, then Iron Man 2 in 2010 then go from there leading up to The Avengers movie.

By the time Smallville ends, next a while, They decide to develop green Arrow because big thanks for popularity from Smallville portrayed by Justin Harley. They decide to go refresh start like influence by Batman Begins with Green Arrow. It airs in Fall 2012 at least a year and half after Smallville ended then jumped to that show. Arrow began to expand slowly by introducing Flash then slowly becoming TV universe.

It is how I believe how it worked in progress to become lot bigger than we ever imagine forthcoming next year with Batman vs Superman. I also believe Smallville deserved massive credit for developing this idea from beginning at least ten years ago.

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