ByRyan Higgs, writer at
I've read thousands of comics! By that I mean about 7 but you get the point...

Comic book buddies Green Lantern and Green Arrow might be sharing screen time next season on Arrow.

Now now don't get excited I tell myself- No one has confirmed it.

However there have been thousands (by that I mean about 10) Green Lantern references in Arrow and The Flash.

The testing ground in The Flash is the Ferris air strip and Ferris is a company in none other than the Green Lantern comic books. The biggest (WHOPPER) easter-egg for me was in the Arrow final.

In the flash backs we saw Oliver hop onto a boat- on its way to Coast City. The same Coast City Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern lives in.

Now that could be a way to directly introduce Green Lantern, and I personally think that next season we will definitely see him on screens.


Will Green Lantern appear on S4 Arrow or S2 Flash?


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