ByJuan Miranda, writer at

First Off I have been a Spider-Man fan since i could Remember. I watched the old Tv show also all the animation cartoons and I liked Tobey Maguire though he was low on energy and Corny he still did a pretty decent job. As a die hard fan of Marvel I can say their Superheroes hit more of an accord With me than DC. Andrew Garfield embodied Spiderman in my Opinion he really took the role to the depths of the character and the Spiderman and Gwen Stacy Love story was Very Believable and powerful but truth be told it was Jamie Foxx's perceived satanic comments about Barack Obama being the Messiah that kept me and a lot of Christians Not to Mention Critics of Barack Obama away from the movie theater I myself considered not seeing It at all but after seeing it I loved it! it was an amazing film and Marvel would be a fool to not give Andrew Garfield another chance to reprise the role as the amazing spider-man! They have so many opportunities To Just pass They have tons Of Directions To Take The character from his broken heart and Loss Of Gwen Stacy to the black suit & anger IE Enter The Rageful Symbiot Not To Mention the Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Mary Jane Watson bring back Andrew Garfield if you have any sense Hollywood!


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