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Ryan Bestinthemidwest Brunn

There was an article on who you would choose for your own suicide squad and it must consist of 4 members. Here are my picks.

1. Venom

His strength and psychotic being will destroy any enemy he confronts. Let's just say you wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

2. Jean Grey/ The Phoenix

Not only will she bring a strong heroine to the team but, her ability to read minds will come in handy in knowing the enemies plan of attack. And if she ever gets in a tight spot she can rise from the ashes to phoenix up and heat things up a bit.

3. Ivan Vanko/ Whiplash

With Ivan's vast knowledge of technology he could provide the squad with high tech weaponry. And with those energy whips of his, he could slice through the enemy like butter.

Last but not least my number 4 pick and leader of my squad.

4. Ras' Al Ghul

Ras' has been around for centuries with the gift of immortality from the lazarus pit. He's seen wars won and lost. Which makes him the perfect strategist for the squad. And he provides a pretty good back up with the league of assassins.

So that's my squad. Tell me what you think in the comments and tell me who would you choose for your squad.


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