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If you're anything like me you love the Marvel One-Shot short films, for me specifically "The Consultant" and "All Hail the King" were the best. They not only give you a little extra from some very interesting and often times underutilized characters, but if you go to the books they can be so much more.

One of my favorite One-Shots from the books is "Sentry Fallen Sun Siege Epilogue #1.

It does't have epic fight scenes, or super intense verbal judo. But what it does have is a very open and refreshingly honest look at some of Marvels biggest characters. You can always find a book that showcases how bad ass Cyclops can be or how smart Mr. Fantastic is, but it isn't often you find a book that can humble Tony Stark, the Thing, and Doctor Strange all in the same issue. It showed a more human side to some super-powered "gods" and kind of brings them back down to earth.

But back to the point of this article One-Shots are an awesome and safe way for Marvel, and even DC to introduce some new or lesser known characters to the masses without having to blow millions on a movie that may or may not yield results. I for one am a huge fan of the DC characters Hawk and Dove, but I don't see the masses forking out the cash for an origin story based on this duo. With the success of characters like the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the reintroduction to an amazing character in "Dare Devil" Marvel has proven that if you are willing to put in the time and effort you can get quality and a strong following from just about any character.

And this is were I believe a serialized One-Shot show would come in handy whether it be Marvel, DC or both doing their own thing how great would it be to see a Moon Knight 30 minute episode, followed by Cloak and Dagger. It would not only serve as an origin of sorts for some lesser known or more risque characters, but it could be used as a gauge for the respective studios to see if their is enough interest for a full on big budget block buster, or TV series. My wife who doesn't know any super hero outside of the heavy hitters that are household names i.e. Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman would just give me a blank stare and walk out the room if I told her we were going to see a movie called Deadman, about a ghost that you cant see or hear unless he possess you while he is trying to solve his own murder. Actually even just typing it right now it sounded pretty dumb, but as a member of Justice League Dark Deadman is pretty cool if you give the books a chance.

Another awesome thing a One-Shot series could do is put an end to the never ending cycle of origin stories. Seriously I am sick of of origin stories, I love watching two and a half hour movies, but i am sick of the first two hours being about the struggle of self discovery and finding out who you are. Lets knock that out in a 30 or 45 minute One-Shot and spend the next two hours watching Moon Knight thrashing baddies alongside The Punisher to their hearts content.


Should Marvel and DC develop a One-Shot type of series?


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