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For a while, I've thought off and on about creating my own fanfiction series that sets up my own alternate Marvel universe. One of the best things about writing fanfiction is that you're not under restrictions or limitations because of property ownership and rights to using certain characters. This allows me to have more freedom to use whatever characters or situations I want. So without further ado, here is a list of stories that I would love to do in my own fan-made Marvel universe.

1. Captain America: The Man Out Of Time

First things first, because the origin story for the heroes have basically been done to the death through many different mediums like the comics, shows, and movies, this series will not have most of the origins in detail. For instance, this story would take place after Steve Rogers is thawed out of ice. There would be flashbacks to his time during World War II because the events then are significant to the story as Steve tries to figure out the world he's been thrust into now. This story would have Batroc the Leaper as the villain, and Steve encounters Sharon Carter while on the run from Colonel Glenn Talbot who is on her way to retrieve a cylinder called Inferno-42, just like in the comic issue with that storyline.

2. Iron Man vs. Daredevil

I'm sure this is actually the reason why you clicked on this article to read it in the first place. Allow me to explain that there actually was a comic book storyline that pitted Iron Man and Daredevil against each other. It involved Iron Man producing Extremis, which Matt Murdock believed to be dangerous and was determined to halt the production. One scene in particular I intend on keeping in the story is when Matt takes an injection of Extremis for a short while so that he can see Foggy Nelson with his own eyes until the effects wear off and he goes blind again. I loved the concept of Extremis, and having the chance to use Daredevil in the same storyline as Iron Man is an awesome opportunity.

3. Thor: The Chosen One

This would be one of the only origin stories told in detail in my Marvel universe. There are so few movies, shows, and comic reboots that presents Thor's origin as the story where a man named Donald Blake finds the hammer Mjolnir in a stone and was worthy to pull it out, granting him the identity of the thunder god Thor just as he had before his father Odin sent him down to earth with his memory erased in order to learn humility. So I wanted to use that story here. Jane Foster will also be a hospital nurse just like in the original comic. The villain would be the Absorbing Man, and to make things more interesting, Professor X would be included in the story as something like a therapist and mentor for Donald because he now has a power of which he doesn't know how to control responsibly and it has also made him different from everyone else. Loki is in the story too, but he is not the main antagonist. Not yet.

4. Hulk: The Red Death

As hinted in the title, the villain in the Hulk's debut in this universe is the red Hulk, his identity being yours truly: General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Also included in this story will be Professor X, who is also a therapist for Bruce Banner to help him control the monster inside of him. Rick Jones will also be in this story and will act as the Hulk's soft spot to keep him under control. This story will actually take place just one month after Bruce's first transformation, so he hasn't quite gotten to the point where he can control himself. Also, Betty Ross is married to Colonel Glenn Talbot, which fills a part of Bruce's life with a grief that turns to anger towards Talbot, which causes him to dangerously slip towards becoming the Hulk.

5. Captain America: Shadows of the Past

This was a lot of fun to think up. This one will have Cap and Wolverine fighting alongside each other. Yeah, you read that right. In this story, they will fight Baron Helmut Zemo, who has Bucky Barnes (now known as the Winter Soldier) under his control. What makes the fight against the Winter Soldier personal for both Cap and Wolverine is that for Cap of course Bucky was his best friend, and for Wolverine it's because the Winter Soldier actually saved him from the lab during the experimentation that gave him his adamantium skeleton and claws (which is actually in a comic storyline).

6. The Black Widow: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

One thing I've wanted the MCU to do that looks like we'll never get to see is a Black Widow standalone film. The character gets an unfair amount of character development (meaning very little) in the movies. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands and doing a standalone story of her myself. To make this a bit more interesting, Agent Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will not only be in the story, but also be an agent that's gone AWOL, and it's Natasha's mission to track her down with the help of Hawkeye. It's a very personal story about how Natasha was brought up as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how its affected the person she once was.

7. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Finally for Phase One, we come to the first assemble of the Avengers as we know them from the first movie. This time, they face the Mandarin. Not the "Aldrich Killian" version from Iron Man 3, but the real comic book version with his rings and all, acting a lot like Trevor Slattery's acting of the Mandarin. There's actually a build-up to the Mandarin in this story that happens throughout Phase One. I honestly wouldn't dare use Thanos because I don't know how that's going to end up in the movies, so I had to pick a different very powerful villain.

What do you guys think of this list? I'll post a list for Phase Two shortly, because it's already done and the next Avengers story involves a plot line that we really wish could happen in the movies but doesn't look like it ever will right now. Let me just say that there's a really big reason for having Wolverine and Professor X involved in these stories at all.


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