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Ryan Bestinthemidwest Brunn

We've gotten 5 Spider-Man movies and it still feels as if there's something missing. The first 3 movies gave us insight on our friendly neighborhood wall crawler. Then the last 2 felt like they were giving up on spidey. What we need is a good director who can admire and respect what Spider-Man means to the fans. Also while trying to attract the non fan base. We've seen the love interest of Peter Parker with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy. Let's see him with Felicia Hardy. That would bring a lot more character to the love aspect with not only being Parkers girlfriend, but being the Black Cat as well. So you're not only exploring one side of the relationship. Now onto the villians. I'd like to see the Hobgoblin make an appearance. He showed up before the Green Goblin and if it wasn't for the Hobgoblin existing, we would of never had gotten a Green Goblin. If you follow the comics or the 90's cartoon series, you'll remember when that chemical gas got thrown into Oscorp causing the Hobgoblin suit that was in a chamber to turn green. Thus creating the Green Goblin. Another villian or villian trio I should say that I'd like to see is Venom and Carnage. No offense to Topher Grace but that was no Eddie Brock/Venom. It just didn't work for me. The reason I'd like to see the symbiote trio is cause of the similarities in traits they have with Spider-Man. Making them very powerful adversaries. I'd also like to see a back story to the symbiotes. In the 3rd movie all we got was that it fell from the sky and a little explanation from Doc Connors. A more detailed story of the symbiotes could spark a lot more interest in them. And that's what I'd like to see in the reboot. Will Marvel finally give us the Spider-Man we need? Let's hope. Leave comments and tell me what you wanna see in the reboot.


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