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Batman and Superman finally duking it out in a live action movie. This is what the fans of both superheroes have been waiting for ever since they both appeared on film, and now it’s coming to theaters next year. We finally get to see who would really win in a fight. Would it be the man of steel? Or will it be the greatest detective of all? If you’re still not convinced why you should watch this summer blockbuster, then here are some reasons why you should:

Lex Luthor


With the filming location set in Metropolis, of course he’ll appear. LexLuthor, the most iconic Superman villain of all time is finally appearing in DC’s new shared movie universe. Dubbed as one of the smartest humans living on earth besides Batman, LexLuthor is going to be a big thorn in Superman’s side. Since the plot is still unconfirmed, we can only guess what this man will be planning for our heroes next year.

Batman’s armor

Inspired by Frank Miller’s comic “The Dark Knight Returns”, this armor is going to be used in his fight against the man of steel. We got a glimpse of it in the trailer where he delivers the closing lines: “Tell me, do you bleed? ...You will.” If that didn’t give you chills then I don’t know what will. We’ll see his armor in all its glory during his fight in the movie.

Wonder Woman’s movie debut

Wonder woman fans have been wondering when she’ll get a solo movie herself. After the cancellation of the previously announced movie, everyone thought they won’t get to see her on screen. Then suddenly pictures from the filming location were leaked that showed actress Gal Gadot, rumored to be playing as Wonder Woman. Then DC announced that Wonder Woman will be playing a big role in the movie. Thanks to Batman v Superman, we will finally see Wonder Woman in action at the big screen.

Hans Zimmer will work on the score

Hans Zimmer, one of Hollywood’s most in demand composer is going to provide the score in the movie. With his wonderful work on the soundtrack of Man of Steel and The Dark Knight, you know that this score will be another memorable theme for the movie.

The Justice League

We won’t be seeing the Justice League movie anytime soon, but we do get to see some of the characters introduced here. With Wonder Woman appearing in the film. There’s also the rumored origin of Cyborg. And of course the two heroes who started it all, Superman and Batman. If this movie is successful, then we’re probably getting the Justice League movie sooner than later.

With Marvel cranking out one big blockbuster after another, DC is finally going toe to toe against their massive franchise. Batman v Superman is set to release on March 25, 2016 against Captain America: Civil War that will be in cinemas on April 29, 2016.


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