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I'm a Mutant, a Wizard and a Tribute. Hopefully one day, I can meet all the awesome people here!!
Karen Shoe

Here are my four Villains, that I believe would be the best in a squad to 'take over the world'


1) Lord Voldemort; Well, I am a major Harry Potter fan and also, Voldemort has split his soul, and kills without mercy in many different ways!! AVADA KEDAVRA!

2) Loki; He is Thor's brother, faked his own death, and can change into anyone when he need to escape (however not as good as Mystique), and he can be quite a charmer.

3) The Joker; well, I believe this one is self explanatory, even thought he does not have a 'power' as such......he has had a horrible upbringing, and takes his revenge out on everyone else. "WHY SO SERIOUS?"

LAST BUT NOT LEAST..............

4) Magneto; It is sad that he turned to the 'dark side' but that maybe was for the best...., the fact he controls metal (as the name implies) is pretty dammmmm cool

I have also selected a 'sub-villain' for this dangerous squad, Mystique; She transforms into anyone instantly with all their superpowers as well!

This, is my squad to destroy the world.


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