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It's simple mathematics.
Esteban Cepero

"Captain America: Civil War" is planned to be come to theaters next year on May, 6 2016! The upcoming film is based off of Marvel's Civil War comics that were released back in 2006. In the comic books Marvel always asked a very common, and important question when they were first released. The famous question was and still is:

Whose Side Are You On?

Well, whose side are you on? That question has waged a long war between fans; from Captain America is a better hero, to Iron Man can totally whoop Captain America! Just recently, Robert Downey Jr. decided to tell Marvel fans and his fans to in one of his posts that came out two days ago.

Thanks for working those weekends Robert! After seeing that post, can Iron Man put up a good reason for fans to join his side; or will he be the main villain during "Captain America: Civil War"? It's time to ask you the question!

Whose side are you on?


Captain America or Iron Man?


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