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Sometimes, when fans really want something, just sitting back and waiting can be difficult. With today's technology, that is becoming less and less of a problem. In the case of YouTube team UltraSargent, Planet Hulk couldn't come any sooner. Which is why they decided they would take matters into their own hands and put their own version out there.

The intensely awesome trailer spliced together scenes from past movies featuring the Hulk and does a good job of heightening the drama, while also getting to the point for one of the more interesting Avengers... the Hulk.

He's always grappling with the juxtaposition of being a reserved and composed scientist who sometimes turns into a green monster who destroys things, and it seems the trailer runs with that common Bruce Banner dilemma. Check it out!

This is seriously awesome, but we won't realistically see a Planet Hulk spin-off until AT LEAST 2020. Planet Hulk is still very much on fans' minds though, and it could be a very cool device for Marvel to use in order to act as a gateway to even more cosmic properties.

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