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It's off the streets and into the cave of post-production for Tim Miller and crew working on Deadpool, for the eagerly anticipated supermovie has wrapped filming!

And just like Suicide Squad's recent outbreak of images and video leaked from its set, fans have been cheekily snapping away whilst Deadpool's Vancouver based set was in action. One of the most interesting developments to be captured was an image of Ryan Reynold's titular hero fighting a pretty large man in a grey mo-cap suit.

The internet went wild with speculation regarding the identity of the giant. A lot of people came down on the idea that it was X-Men's Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus, and they were completely right! The big man is indeed the powerful mutant Colossus, and his motion capture and stunts will be carried out by actor and stunt performer Andre Tricoteux.

Tricoteux took to Twitter to reveal the news that he had taken over his Colossal duty from Canadian actor Daniel Cudmore, who also took to Twitter to thank his fans and the crew for his time involved:

After making a few small but badass appearances in the X-Franchise (X2, The Last Stand & First Class), it seems as if this fan favorite character will be getting a chance to have a proper run out on the silver screen. Perhaps eventually coming around to play straight man to Deadpool's fourth wall breaking madness?

Here's a clip of Tricoteux in action:

Who Or What Is A Colossus?

Cudmore, Rasputin and Tricoteux
Cudmore, Rasputin and Tricoteux

Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin is a Russian mutant whose abilities include being able to turn his body into a form of organic steel. In his armoured form, he gains superhuman strength, stamina and durability, and becomes impervious to weapons, great impacts and certain types of magic.

However he can fall foul to attacks from vibranium forged weapons and extreme heat and cold.

No news has been released detailing Tricoteux's full involvement; whether or nor his role includes voicing Colossus or just mo-cap and stunts, but if it does involve voicing the giant Russian badass, here's hoping the 6' 10" Tricoteux pays homage to the animated series and puts on a Russian accent, like this:

(Source: Comic-Book Movie)


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