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Taylor Swift has been heralded as a singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and philanthropist, but now "inadvertent guardian angel" can be added to that list of impressive accomplishments.

Your reaction to that claim is probably pretty close to this:

But there's an incredible story behind it that seems more like a movie than real life.

According to WBRZ, three teenagers were leaving Taylor Swift's 1989 concert in Baton Rouge when the driver, Elizabeth Dazzio, fell asleep at the wheel. The car quickly ended up in the devastating wreck you see below, and Elizabeth fell dangerously unconscious.


With everyone trapped, Elizabeth's sister Caroline described the scene:

You could smell the gas and smoke. I was just thinking we need to get out of this car.

That's when a bit of quick thinking and a little accessory from Taylor's show salvaged what could have been a deadly situation. With their cell phones dead or inaccessible, the lucid girls used their light-up wristbands from the concert as a makeshift flare, presumably holding them out the window to flag down passing cars.

An example of the illuminated wristband / Via Yelp
An example of the illuminated wristband / Via Yelp

Since the special bracelets became illuminated with the beat of the music, they made an effective beacon, and a woman eventually stopped when she noticed that people were trapped in the car. The stuck but quick-thinking group was eventually pulled from the car and escorted away from danger. Now, they're all doing just fine.

I wanted to get an effective picture of the wristband in action (since I am now officially apparently out of the loop), so I looked up a couple videos of them in full display at the concert. Needless to say, these would easily make very effective signals.

Here's another view of what the wristbands look like when they're lit up:

Who know that a simple aesthetic choice for a concert could lead to three young lives being saved?

For her part, being the social media maven that she is, Taylor was quick to acknowledge the story on Twitter.

"Unreal" is an understatement. This is some divine intervention from pop's contemporary angel. Just another (extremely unexpected) reason it pays to be a Taylor Swift fan.

(Source: WBRZ)


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