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On the mid-season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Sunday night, Kim Kardashian made one big announcement!

That's right: North is going to be a big sister, and Kanye West will be the father of two.

The whole episode revolved around Kim's struggle to conceive. She visited multiple specialists and fertility doctors—even getting into a car accident while rushing to catch a plane to one—so it was a welcome relief when she announced the happy news.


I had a sneaking suspicion this announcement would be coming after Kim and Kanye's appearance at the Met Gala. Only a few weeks prior, Kim had bleached her her hair an unmistakable platinum blonde only to go right back to her natural color before anyone was even used to the change. At that point, rumors started flying that because it's unsafe to keep up hair maintenance like bleaching when pregnant, Kim might just be expecting another one.

As it turns out, this was very likely the case!

No word yet on a due date or the sex of the baby.

In terms of baby name, I'm hoping for first name "Fieval" and middle name "Goes," or else I'm calling a majorly missed opportunity.

(Source: TMZ)


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