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Unseen footage from a cancelled Marvel fighting game is finding its way online. Today, we see the high octane battle between the Hulk and Captain America.

In advance of Captain America: Civil War footage from a cancelled Marvel game has been released, showcasing a battle between the Hulk and Captain America. This had legs! Why EA cancelled this one is beyond me.

Marvel - Cancelled Game menu
Marvel - Cancelled Game menu

The game looked to have great arena depth, we see the Hulk smashing bridges, throwing cars, toppling statues and smashing his way into buildings during the fight. Captain America at one point even states, "You know people live here right?!"

Coming at ya' fresh out of 2007, this footage was taken mid-development and is merely representative of what could have been. It's a little basic but I really see potential here. This footage is brought to us by PtoP Online, an online company dedicated to showcasing the classic games of old.

There's me thinking the Hulk was gonna stomp that one. Old Cappy seemed to have the upper hand there, but, what do you think? Is there room for another great Marvel fighting-style game like this? Shall we just recommission this one?

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