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Doctor Who (currently played by Peter Calaldi) and Sherlock (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) are 2 of BBCs biggest programs written by the same writer Steven Moffat and by now tones of fans behind both shows have came up with something called WHOLOCK a crossover between the 2 shows.

There is tones of people behind this idea of The Doctor hero of time and space meeting the legendary Sherlock Holmes they have been tones of images made to support this idea and quite a lot of videos but 1 has bigger then the rest...

The video was made by a fan an amazing editor who completely loves the WHOLOCK idea and then this image was made as someone who feels just the same...

I love this idea it very deep.
I love this idea it very deep.

The image above would be an amazing idea. They could start of the episode that way...Sherlock remembering meeting The Doctor as a child when he gave him the skull of John Watson and they could do it how ever they Sherlock and John are solving a mystery and when them 2 turn up to a crime scene there he is The Doctor just across the way.

There's a lot of people behind WHOLOCK, supporting it, who would love to see The Doctor and Sherlock hit screens together, we know we would be waiting a while to see this most likely 1 time crossover with Benedict Cumberbatch preparing for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Steven Strange.

But the question is how bad do we want it guys? We already have an # we can share and that can be enough. We've just got to share it everywhere we can...and yes i know people will most likely comment the 2 main actors are busy doing there own shows and other things but we could still get ourselves an WHOLOCK episode. So come on people .


How bad do you want to see The Doctor and Sherlock have a crossover episode?


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