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Peasant tops. Tamagotchis. Hipster mullets. Lots of trends exist out there, but we’ll stick to Moviepilot last week:

Pixar. Inside Out is coming. But there are still crazy clues to be found in Monsters Inc. And new ways to interpret Finding Nemo: a trailer mashup with Jurassic World.

La-la-la-LADIES! You Creators got it right. The Expendables would make for a killer all-female cast, just like the Ghostbusters remake. Plus, the Supergirl pilot leaked online (whoops).

Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Ugh, so far from 2017. In the meanwhile, fan theories, casting calls, and heart warming tales of Chris Pratt IRL will have to do.

Dress it up. The best in costumes. The worst in cosplay. Don't know what to wear on your first superhero date? This quiz will help you out.

Bad Guys. Marvel makes them deadly, but does DC do it better? Even Disney needs a little evil. Three cheers & a sneer for villains.

Captain America: Civil War. Oh my glob, filming has begun. This means leaked images. But first, let's talk taking sides and adjusting this story so it's number one.


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