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Just because animations and cartoons are often meant for kids, we mustn't forget that they are made by adults and hence, it's no surprise they contain some adult themes.

And sometimes, the producers of iconic animations like to make jokes at our expense, including naughty anecdotes and background images that are guaranteed to shock up once we become aware of them.

The following 5 disturbing Easter Eggs are quite difficult to spot but once you do, it becomes clear that this is definitely not the kind of thing that kids should be exposed to. X-rated nudity, frightening post-apocalyptic scenes, cannibalism and disturbing Illuminati signs, this content just makes us wonder: Are these shows really child-appropriate?

1. Samurai Jack/Powerpuff Girls crossover

Considering Sumari Jack and the Powerpuff Girls were both creations of the same animation mastermind Genndy Tartakovsky, it's no surprise that there are some overlaps between the two shows.

If you remember correctly, Samurai Jack introduces us to this post-apocalyptic landscape:

And this bears a slight resemblance to Townsville, the city the Powerpuff Girls call home:

But if you think this is not enough to highlight the connection between the two universes, take a look at this sign for Talking Dog dog food spotted in both worlds:

So, could this prove that the two shows actually took place in the same universe?

Perhaps an unknown disaster hit the city when the Powerpuff Girls were around. And maybe Aku and Mojo Jojo were to blame for laying waste to the metropolis? A frightening thought, for sure.

2. The Illuminati permeates Disney

Whenever the Illuminati are mentioned, our minds fill with dark scenes of a dangerous shadow organization that has the world in its clutches. And according to the following images, it also has Disney in its grip as many shows have put in efforts to reference the group over the decades.

For example, in this episode of DuckTales, a sign urging us to "Ask About Illuminati" is clearly shown:

And here, this ominous eye, the symbol of the Illuminati, is seen on a skateboard in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (it was also the same shown that gave us the scavenger hunt for a TRIANGLE BUSH!):

Well, if that doesn't prove it to you, what about this evidence in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:


3. Explicit images in Oggy and the Cockroaches

Earlier this year, an episode of the show caused outrage by showing a topless lady in one of the scenes.

Kids giggled with wild abandon as parents complained to the TV networks, eventually forcing Nickelodeon to pull the episode and then the series altogether. Oops!

Take a look at the full sequence below:

4. Disney's Three Little Pigs is a disturbing family tale

The animation is over 80 years old, but it is still one of Disney's most successful offerings. Yet, fans of the cartoon may be surprised to notice that there are some rather controversial background scenes that will definitely make you gasp out loud.

For starters, in this scene, there is a framed portrait of a mother pig breastfeeding her young:

First of all, not only is it tragic that it is likely that four of the piglets had been already butchered for meat, but the fact that the three little pigs have a NAKED picture of their mama on their wall is just plain weird.

And if that's not all, then you have a framed picture of the father as a string of cured meats! What!?

The fact that papa has ended up as processed food is pretty woeful, if you ask me. What kind of hellish reality is this when family members are matter-of-factly accepted as pieces of meat, or a juicy carved shank, simply meant for human consumption?

This is most definitely a tragic family story, and now that I've picked up on it, I doubt I will ever view Three Little Pigs in the same light again.

5. Rocko's Modern Life's naughty bits

Hands down, Rocko's Modern Life is one of the dirtiest shows out there for kids. Full to the brim with sexual innuendos and raunchy gags, it's surprising the producers managed to get away with it at all.

For starters, it was pretty clear that Rocko worked for a phone sex line:

And if you looked hard enough, naughty references can be spotted all over:

This one isn't even pretending to be subtle:

And this game of "Spank the Monkey" is just disturbing:



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